LEGO summer 2022 sets revealed: Minecraft, Creator, more

We’ve been detailing all of the new LEGO summer 2022 sets over the past month, and now to start off the week we’re seeing nearly all of the new creations from quite a few waves revealed. Including the latest builds from Minecraft, City, Creator, Ninjago, and more, check out the over 30 upcoming kits down below.

First look at over 30 new LEGO summer 2022 sets

Today we’re getting the most comprehensive look at the new LEGO summer 2022 lineup yet with over 30 different models. Ranging from many of the brand’s in-house themes, most of the reveals are mainly focused on the unlicensed side of the lineup.

So while we’re still waiting on new Marvel and Star Wars sets, there’s quite a bit of new builds to check out down below. Though we did just get a look at the upcoming buildable Baby Groot.

Minecraft headlines the upcoming LEGO sets

Leading the way for the new LEGO summer 2022 sets revealed today, the next wave of Minecraft creations have arrived. In total, there are five upcoming kits that we know of so far and further expand the vast variety of in-game locations brought into the brick-built form. Each model seems interesting in its own right, but the Red Barn set in particular looks to be the most exciting in my book. Though the Llama Village is sure to get some love too once all of the kits launch later this year.

Here are all of the LEGO Minecraft summer sets:

  • The Bakery: $20 | 154 pieces
  • The Nether Bastion: $35 | 300 pieces
  • The Ice Palace: $50 | 499 pieces
  • The Red Barn: ~$70 | 799 pieces
  • The Lama City: $130 | 1,252 pieces


Over on the LEGO Creator front, we already detailed one of the upcoming summer 2022 builds the Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent set due out in August. Now there are two other models that 9to5Toys can report on due out alongside it. First up is the new Creator 3-in-1 Noodle Shop which arrives as set number 31131. This 569-piece creation features the main build of a ramen shop and apartment, but can be rebuilt into a game or bike shop. While we await official pricing, this one will likely enter at the $49.99 MSRP.

Then as the second of the new Creator 3-in-1 sets revealed today, there is an unnamed ocean-themed build as kit number 31130. This more affordable set will allow you to recreate various underwater encounters with sea-life like an octopus, lobster, and manta ray alongside submarines and the like. Part count is still unknown, but we can expect this one to retail for $19.99 with roughly 200 bricks.

City gets in on the LEGO summer 2022 with three waves

As far as the larger waves of new summer LEGO sets. The main focus this time around for the 2022 season is another batch of the City Stuntz creations, which arrive with some new expansion packs and playsets. All of those are detailed below, but it’s worth highlighting some of the new elements brought into the LEGO catalog.

  • Cruiser Stunt Bike: $10 | 10 pieces
  • Stunt Bike: $10 | 15 pieces
  • Bathtub Stunt Bike: $10 | 14 pieces
  • Obstacle Stunt Challenge: $20 | 154 pieces
  • Knockdown Stunt Challenge: $20 | 117 pieces
  • Shark Attack Stunt Challenge: $20 | 122 pieces
  • Chimpanzee Stunt Looping: $55 | 226 pieces
  • Stunt Show Double Looping: ~$150 | 598 pieces

Alongside the more action-focused side of the upcoming lineup, we’re also getting some additional details on the more typical side of the LEGO City series. On top of the Farm sets we reported on last week, there are some other builds for expanding your town layout.

  • Passenger Express Train: $150 | 764 pieces
  • Station: $100 | 907 pieces
  • Supermarket: $60 | 404 pieces
  • Truck with Space Carousel: ~$50 | 433 pieces

Last up, the LEGO City summer lineup is also taking a new crack at hybrid play with some new sets that pair with virtual experiences. These upcoming creations will differ from the rest of the new models by pairing a base build with tons of extra pieces that can be used in conjunction with an app to guide builders to change around the sets based on scenarios in the game. Each one will sell for $29.99 and are detailed below.

  • Animal Rescue Missions: $30 | 246 pieces
  • Space Exploration Missions: $30 | 298 pieces
  • Detective Mission of the Water Police: $30 | 278 pieces

Latest LEGO Ninjago sets launch for summer 2022

The latest Ninjago series is also arriving later this summer, though all of the kits release on June unlike the other sets which are August 1. After our glowing review of the Ultra Combine Mech from earlier in the year, I am quite excited to get a closer look at some of these other models.

  • Jay’s Gold Dragon Motorcycle: $20 | 137 pieces
  • Zanes Gold Dragon Jet: $30 | 258 pieces
  • Dragon Temple: $40 | 161 pieces
  • Coles Dragon Car: $40 | 384 pieces
  • The Crystal King: $60 | 723 pieces
  • Kai’s Gold Dragon Raider: ~$70 | 624 pieces
  • The Temple of the Crystal King: $80 | 703 pieces
  • Nyas Samurai-X-Mech: $120 | 1,003 pieces
  • Lloyd’s Ultragold Dragon: $140 | 989 pieces


While we wait for some of the more popular properties like Star Wars and Disney to have new LEGO sets revealed, we getting a look at a series of new Disney builds. After its theme debut last year, the ongoing Mickey Mouse lineup is receiving at least three new models.

  • Mickey’s and Minnie’s Camping Trip: $20 | 103 pieces
  • Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at the Fair: $30 | 184 pieces
  • Mickey’s Castle Adventure: ~$40 | 215 pieces

Over on the Disney Princess front, we’re also getting a pair of castle-themed sets. These aren’t anything like the more massive and full recreations that have been released in the past, but scaled down models for younger builders to enjoy.

  • Anna’s and Olaf’s Fun in the Castle: $30 | 108 pieces
  • Cinderella’s Castle: $70 | 365 pieces

Monkie Kid

Last up for the LEGO summer 2022 reveals ahead of August 1, we’re getting a pair of new Monkie Kid sets. There’s been some rumors about the LEGO Group rolling back the series here in the United States and other more western regions due to the builds not really resonating with younger builders, and so the smaller wave here makes sense. That being said, both of these new models keep up the high quality and eye-catching builds we’ve seen in the past.

  • Dragon of the East: $80 | 880 pieces
  • Monkie Kids Team Transporter: $130 | 1,406 pieces

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