LEGO Minecraft makes the game’s standout moments a reality

Minecraft’s virtual universe is all about adventure. As soon as players load into their world, it’s time to begin exploring. From chopping down trees and building a starting shelter to survive the first night, all the way to mining for rare diamonds and fighting epic dragons, a player’s journey has many standout moments. With the power of LEGO® Minecraft™, players can build and relive those milestone events in the real world.

The first adventure

From the get-go, players need to start hunting for resources. Trees have wood, stone and coal can be mined, and even dirt has its uses. Before the night comes, players will need to go on their First Adventure to get enough supplies to build a small base. The clock is ticking, however, as mobs soon begin to spawn. Watch out for the skeletons!

Expanding the base

Once that scary first night has passed, players will need to fill their inventories with useful items. Minecraft is all about preparation and stockpiling items to make exploring further and deeper possible. Mastering the art of crafting allows for chests and new tools to be made.

As their base expands, players should consider how their home looks. A treehouse is a great option, as living high up off the ground keeps you away from mobs and also provides a good vantage point.

Once players have readied themselves with plenty of items — real-world fans can grab The Crafting Box 3.0 set with tons of pieces — it’s time to start mining.

Digging for treasure

Caves and mines hide beneath the grassy surface. These are some of the most dangerous places in the game, as monsters lurk in the darkness. Among the most threatening are the Creepers. If they get too close to the player, they explode and cause massive destruction.

While scary, caves and mines can also be very exciting. These underground areas often feature treasures for brave players to find. What’s more, deeper places have diamonds and other resources that can be used to create powerful tools. The risk is well worth the reward!

Real-world builders can use LEGO Minecraft to explore The “Abandoned” Mine. Spoilers: It’s definitely not abandoned!

The Nether

The Nether is a terrifying place that can make short work of new players. It should only be visited by Minecraft pros who know how to battle the unique enemies and navigate the challenging terrain.

Of course, to actually get to The Nether, players first have to build a portal out of obsidian. Once that’s done, those preparing to enter The Nether will want to equip some of their best armor and, ideally, a diamond sword.

Armed with the diamond sword, players increase their odds of surviving against the hostile creatures that live in The Nether. Among these are the Blaze monsters that can set you on fire!

Boss Battles

With The Nether conquered, the next objective for players is to battle the Minecraft bosses. These are the most formidable enemies in the game and they don’t go down without a fight. Crafting diamond armor is a good first step in preparing for the duels ahead. Combine that tough defense with some powerful enchanted swords and a trusty bow and it’s time to fight!

The End Battle takes place in a small arena with few places to hide. As soon as players enter The End, the big Ender Dragon boss appears. This is a tough battle and it’s okay if you don’t win on the first try. Mastering the bow and arrow is key to winning the fight here and practice makes perfect.

Defeating the Ender Dragon is but one of three bosses in the game and, for those playing along with LEGO Minecraft, there are even more boss characters to take down!

You see, LEGO Minecraft not only features Minecraft content, but also Minecraft Dungeons’ friends and foes. Real-world builders can take their Ender Dragon slayer character and pit them against the likes of the Jungle Abomination and Redstone Monstrosity.

Go Beyond

The game of Minecraft never truly ends, as there’s always somewhere new to explore or something new to create. With each new update to the game, there’s new content to see. This is true of LEGO Minecraft, too, as new sets bring new adventures for players to experience.

Ever wondered what it would be like to sail the seas and come across a pirate ship? How about getting lost in a weird, warped forest where nothing is what it seems? Or, instead of digging down, why not build up and explore The Sky Tower?

Now jump into a real-world Minecraft adventure!

Whether it’s reliving the adventures had in the Minecraft game, creating remixed versions of events, or making totally new experiences, LEGO Minecraft gives players the power to build the biggest and best moments. Keep memories of those moments forever and show them off to friends, or break them back down and start the fun all over again!

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