LEGO Minecraft digs into the Deep Dark in 2023

Several new LEGO Minecraft sets have been unearthed in the LEGO instructions database, promising some exciting biomes to explore in LEGO form.

Minecraft has proven an ideal licensing partner for the LEGO Group, offering both appropriate subject matter and a steady stream of inspiration. 2023’s Minecraft sets are no exception, with some intriguing set names to get our minds whirring. Their official reveals bring a number of prior rumours to fruition.

Of particular interest here is 21246 The Deep Dark Battle, which is almost certainly inspired by Minecraft’s Deep Dark biome. This is a relatively recent addition to Minecraft, and allows players to explore far below the surface of the Overworld. While it’s largely devoid of life, it does include the formidable Warden – a creature which seems likely to make an appearance in this set.

Most of the other new LEGO Minecraft sets appear to be exploring familiar territory, although they should still prove appealing to Minecraft fans. 21242 The End Arena returns us to the mysterious End biome, while 21245 The Panda Haven indicates more Minecraft pandas are on the horizon.

We’ve gathered all of the new Minecraft sets in the table below. We’re hoping that set pictures and prices won’t be far behind. 

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