LEGO Mario Block Set Gets Minecraft-Themed Homage From Creative Fan

A fan-made LEGO set creates an entire Minecraft world set inside a Crafting Table, similar to the official Super Mario Question Block set.

A Minecraft and LEGO fan has created a LEGO set based on the popular sandbox game, taking inspiration from a real Super Mario set. Video games have proven to be fertile ground for LEGO builders, with fans even creating a LEGO wasteland based on the Fallout games, among many other concepts.

Reddit user DJ_HardLogic recently revealed a cubic Minecraft LEGO set of their own design to fellow fans, featuring a variety of biomes covering both above and under the ground. The set is collapsible, and in its base state appears as a Crafting Table block. The concept art has received over 1,500 upvotes, and DJ_HardLogic has also said that they are creating instructions so that interested fans will be able to build the set themselves. The creative invention actually takes strong inspiration from an official set that displays a similar feature as its core design element, a LEGO Super Mario Question Block set, which holds many worlds of its own inside.


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LEGO Minecraft Set Combines Similar Styles Of Creativity

The combination of these two franchises makes a lot of sense considering their similar themes and mechanics. Both Minecraft and LEGO place a strong emphasis on unlimited creativity facilitated through a variety of interchangeable parts – bricks for LEGO, and blocks for Minecraft. To use one to imitate the other is therefore a logical progression, especially for such creative fanbases. Naturally, this is far from the first time that fans have blended the two together. On top of there being Minecraft-themed LEGO sets, LEGO is one of many franchises to have been modded into Minecraft in several ways. For example, one mod turns Minecraft mobs into LEGO Minifigures.

Similar to the Minecraft fandom’s vast array of crossover mods, many LEGO-loving video game fans have also rendered their favorite games in plastic tableaus over the years. Again, the creativity that can be inspired through the use of the simple building blocks is boundless. For many fans, recreation and reimagination is a popular way to express one’s love of something. As a result, many popular franchises have been given LEGO incarnations over the years, ranging from long-lasting classics to fresh titles at the heart of popular culture. And despite them being unofficial, many fans clamor to build such sets when one is posted online. For example, a Poppy Playtime fan made a Chapter 2 LEGO set that gave one of the game’s iconic scares a much friendlier appearance.

This fan-made LEGO set displays the sort of creativity that fans of both LEGO and Minecraft are known for. Taking inspiration from the Super Mario Question Block set is similarly inspired, as the cubic shape gives an excellent base to work from when recreating a Minecraft block. The presentation of various Minecraft biomes within the set allows it to truly encapsulate the Minecraft experience. Moreover, the decision to use a Crafting Table as the block to contain it all is an excellent allusion to the core gameplay loop. DJ_HardLogic has rebuilt the core of Minecraft brilliantly using only LEGO bricks.

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Source: DJ_HardLogic/Reddit

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