“Lads he’s left” – Miniminter reveals why KSI rage quit filming Minecraft before leaving the Sidemen group chat

Sidemen member Simon “Miniminter” took to The Fellas podcast, hosted by UK YouTube duo Callum “Calfreezy” and Josh “TheBurntChip,” to reveal a recent filming incident involving JJ “KSI.” Simon said that in a recent second-channel Minecraft video, which briefly featured Jimmy “MrBeast”, KSI was unable to join the servers due to him not setting up his account.

KSI was expecting one of the members to lend him their account. Upon realizing that it was not going according to plan, the YouTuber-cum-boxer was forced to quit filming. Upon being reprimanded, JJ rage quit the Sidemen WhatsApp group chat. Simon said:

“Lads he’s left”


“Eventually just rage quits” – Miniminter recounts how KSi gave up after failing to set up his Minecraft account

Regular Sidemen viewers would have noticed that KSI was not involved in a recent Minecraft video uploaded to the MoreSidemen channel. The video titled “SIDEMEN VS MR BEAST $100,000 YOUTUBER HUNGER GAMES,” saw a variety of creators take part including Lachlan, Lannan “LazarBeam,” and the Sidemen members.


However, according to Miniminter:

“We spent like an hour-and-a-half setting it up and the whole time we’re doing it JJ is sat not setting up, like, we’re all in the call trying to set up and he’s basically waiting for the guy who’s organizing it to give him his account and he tries giving him his account and it doesn’t work.”


(Timestamp: 5:13)

He continued:

“So we’ve waited an-hour-and-a-half and we’re all like, ‘we’re all ready JJ where are you?’, and uh, he’s just like, ‘oh like I’ll get on in a sec,’ spends another half or whatever, can’t get on and eventually just rage quits.”

Miniminter then explained that the group gave him a “red card,” which later turned to “yellow,” meaning that one of his videos on the Sidemen channel was taken away from him. This, in turn, also indicated that he had a lot of catching up to do. Seeing that, Simon said:

“He got a yellow card and was fuming, and end up leaving the Sidemen chat.”

Fans react to the podcast

Sidemen and The Fellas fans have shared their comments after the comical story. Many fans expressed their appreciation for the latest episode. Here are some of the reactions:

Fans share their reactions to the episode (Image via The Fellas YouTube)
Fans share their reactions to the episode (Image via The Fellas YouTube)

Sidemen is a UK-based YouTube group that consists of seven members. They upload videos every Sunday to their main channel, which has garnered over 17.4 million subscribers.

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