Kolkata’s Renowned Rapper JTrix Praises And Applauds His Bandhu MC Headshot For His EPIC Performance!

Realme MTV Hustle 2.0 stage has witnessed several special guests and the trend continues to grow. Now, during a recent episode of the popular show, renowned rapper JTrix who is known for his unique style and great talent flew across the states to support fellow Kolkata rapper, MC Headshot. 

The latter is known to boast a humongous fan following and his super distinctive voice, storytelling, and definitive lyrical game which has also impressed many established rap stars. During the latest episode of MTV Hustle, MC Headshot received support from JTrix and the episode just couldn’t get better! The popular rapper collaborated with the formidable EPR Rebels squad, for one of his performances. 

The support from JTrix touched everyone’s hearts, including Kolkata’s rap music flagbearer, EPR and fans couldn’t get enough of the bromance!

Supporting HC Headshot, JTrix applauded and praised the former for all his performances. According to the reports, the special bond and camaraderie shared by the Kolkata-based trio, MC Headshot, his Squad Boss EPR, and JTrix lit up the stage!

Previously, Abhishek Bensla, who is known by his stage name MC Square, impressed Badshah. The latter applauded the rapper’s creativity that he got up from his seat, tore the lyrics sheet and threw it among the audience. He went on the stage, mopped it and went on to hug MC Square.

Complimenting the rapper, Badshah said: “I wanted to tear the lyrics sheet which was in my hands. How can one person be so good?”

Badshah is known for his hit tracks such as ‘Kar Gayi Chull’, ‘DJ Waley Babu’, ‘Saturday Saturday’ and ‘Jugnu’.

Image Source: Instagram

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