Is Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite? Explained 

Is Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite? While indeed some fans might go gaga over the thought of cosplaying as “cobratate” and hot-dropping in-game, there’s nothing to suggest that a collaboration is in the works.

Given the recent controversy surrounding him and being banned from social media platforms, Epic Games is unlikely to plan a collaboration with him. Despite this fact, the search term, “Is Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite?” has been trending for a while now.

If Epic Games is not going to collaborate, why does this phenomenon keep occurring? Has there been any leaks about potential cosmetics or has Andrew himself hinted at something? It’s time to find out.

The weird trend behind “Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite” explored

Some time ago, when social media platforms were banning Andrew Tate, the news of him coming to Fortnite somehow snowballed into a meme. Netizens began stating that he was banned from numerous platforms and services. This included games like Minecraft, GTA, Pokemon, and of course Fortnite.

Seeing this trend pick up, content creators went out of their way to jump on the bandwagon. Some created ‘clickbait’ content for views, while others made concept art. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long until the trend naturally died out.

However, on November 18, Andrew Tate was unbanned on Twitter, which led to trends revolving around him seeing a spike. Shortly after this occurred, netizens once again began asking the same question: “Is Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite?”

While the answer is still a no, this time there is a new candidate responsible for causing this hype. The AI software, known as ‘Dream Booth,’ can create realistic people and objects in any setting. This was being used to make mock-ups of Andrew Tate in Fortnite.

A similar thing was done with Hasbulla, where the creator added him to The Last of Us franchise. Even though these AI-generated images are rudimentary in nature, they set the stage for mass speculation and trends. Another possible explanation as to why “Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite” has been trending is due to content creators.


With several popular YouTubers such as Jarvis making content related to him, many are speculating that he’ll be coming to the game. Since Epic Games does promote certain things via content creators, it’s only logical to suspect that something is up.

However, in truth, there is no such collaboration that is in the works. Given how leakers get collaboration news weeks and/or months beforehand, if anything was in the works, the community would have known by now.

Will Andrew Tate ever be added to Fortnite?

Given the numerous controversies surrounding him and backlash from many, Epic Games will probably not risk adding him as a skin in Fortnite. Even if the search term “Is Andrew Tate coming to Fortnite” trends from time to time, the developers will likely not consider this an opportunity to capitalize upon.

While he did have an interesting conversation with Clix regarding the game and has a lot to say, the risk is not worth it for Epic Games. That said, the only way Andrew Tate will be a part of Fortnite is in the form of concept art and fan artwork.

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