In Minecraft, a player decides to make an enormous pizza

In the open-world sandbox game Minecraft, a player decides to make an enormous pizza and asks other players if they would like a slice.

One Minecraft player made the decision to construct a massive pizza in the game, complete with its own delivery box, just in case, anyone was hungry. Mojang’s IP continues to be a source of inspiration for a number of intriguing projects and creations, with one of the most successful independent games ever.

It’s hard to believe that such humble beginnings could grow to become such a force in the gaming industry after well over a decade, with the alpha release coming out in 2009. Players are always looking for more.

In relation to hunger, having food is pretty important in Minecraft if you want to survive in the blocky world. The game has encouraged fans to use its culinary features, such as baking cakes, cooking pork, and wheat farms, while other games may only offer food as an optional feature or to make the world appear more believable.


Not in this game, and there are times when some players will go one step further and prepare enormous versions of their favorite dish.

Take, for instance, Alexander-00AK, a user on Reddit. They showed a few pictures of a huge pizza they made in Minecraft in a recent thread, and the title of the post asked if anyone was hungry. The user claims that the pie is over 200 blocks in size and about five or six blocks tall.Alexander-00AK initially intended to make it 101 blocks across, but it seemed to just keep getting bigger.

Even though it doesn’t look like a real pizza, a few people in the thread have asked if they can have a slice. The user has even been taking prank orders from other people and providing them with sides to accompany their fictitious food.

This is Minecraft’s strength. Players have been able to really be creative and share their work with others thanks to this. It would be impossible to list all of the most notable builds and projects that have been completed over the years. For instance, a soccer-themed download is currently available on a Minecraft map to commemorate the World Cup. The game has even been used to raise awareness and money for charity in some cases.

What some people might think is a video game that’s better for kids is actually one that works for people of all ages. In what some may consider the digital equivalent of LEGO, people from all walks of life and locations around the world have been letting their imaginations run wild.

Minecraft is now available for PC, Xbox 360, Switch, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One.

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