I Made A Video Of A Brave Hamster Escaping A Cannibal’s Prison In An Amazing Obstacle Course Which Is Like The Pet Version Of Indiana Jones (12 Pics)

It turns out that hamsters are really adventurous pets, a hamster can run all night in search of food, and some experts even say these hamsters can run more than 10km a night. In the domestic environment, a hamster requires attention, regardless of size they still need to exercise and have some mental stimulation. So imagine the adventure of a lifetime such an obstacle course could give to a tiny rodent, which otherwise is most commonly kept all alone in small and uninspiring cages.

A YouTube channel named “Minecraft Hamster Homa” brought this idea to life by building Minecraft mazes with insanely cool obstacles and giving his fluffy Syrian hamster an adventure of a lifetime. Our brave explorer breaks from prison, exploring the pop-it world and even flying to the moon.

In this video, the hamster’s boat was crushed by the huge sea waves and our fluff washed ashore on a cannibalistic island rich in jungles where he got caught and imprisoned. A blazing volcano erupted and broke his cage which allows him to escape, and from now it’s up to him to survive.

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