Huge Minecraft Civil War Build Will Help Preserve A Real Battlefield

An amazing Minecraft build will help preserve the history of the Civil War with a comprehensive, interactive recreation of the battle of Vicksburg.

An impressive new Minecraft build will help preserve the history of a famous Civil War battle site. The absolute freedom to create whatever players can imagine has not only contributed to the massive popularity of the sandbox game, but has led to it often being used for educational purposes as well. The game has also helped a myriad of charities over the years, with organizations holding virtual events and putting ticket proceeds toward good causes.


A new YouTube video from the American Battlefield Trust (via GamesRadar) has shown off an incredibly detailed Minecraft build that faithfully recreates the site of the Battle of Vicksburg, just as Mojang has used Minecraft to bring historical castles to life before. According to the video, heavy rain and subsequent mudslides in 2020 have forced over a third of the real-life Vicksburg site to close, and have put the location’s future in jeopardy. The Minecraft build will be used as part of a charity fundraiser beginning November 11 for the American Battlefield Trust, which can be accessed on the official Battle of Vicksburg website. Funds will go toward the rebuilding of areas harmed by the elements in an effort to preserve Vicksburg’s history.

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Minecraft Civil War Build Faithfully Recreates 1860s Vicksburg

Minecraft Vicksburg Civil War build showing homes and a field.

This impressive Minecraft historical site doesn’t end at its buildings, either. The battlefields around the city of Vicksburg itself have also been included, as well as over 3,000 voice-acted NPCs, with famous figures like Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln to be found across the large map. While those details alone are enough to qualify this recreation as one of the most impressive Minecraft builds out there, this version of Vicksburg also has several interactive elements for players to enjoy, like steam boat racing and a cannon shooting challenge.

Over the years, it’s been proven time and time again how Minecraft can be used as a powerful educational tool. Builds like this show that the game can not only be used to teach players about history and raise money for a good cause, but also as a way to help preserve history. Things like unexpected weather events and the natural decay of old structures mean that many important historical sites can’t be preserved forever in real life, but they can live on in games like Minecraft.

In the past, everything from music festivals to worlds from Frozen Planet 2 have come to Minecraft as part of different interactive experiences, often for charitable and educational purposes. It’s a testament to the power of the sandbox game that it’s been used for so many different events and causes over the years, and this Civil War build perfectly exemplifies that. Players can experience the amazing Minecraft Vicksburg site for themselves beginning this Friday, and perhaps donate to a good cause while there.

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Source: American Battlefield Trust/YouTube, Battle of Vicksburg (via GamesRadar)

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