How to use hoe in Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft players who wish to indulge in some farming will need a gardening hoe to get started. This tool, like many others, comes in many qualities and durabilities based on what materials it’s made of.


With a hoe equipped and a few crop seeds (or the crops themselves), players can create reliable and renewable crop farms in Minecraft. These farms are incredibly helpful for fans playing in Survival Mode, as they can be reused to provide a virtually endless supply of food. This makes them great for both early and late-game players, especially on higher difficulties like Hard or Hardcore Mode.

For new Minecraft players, there may be some confusion as to how to use the hoe tool to create a farm. Fortunately, the process is quite easy.

Using a hoe to till farmland in Minecraft 1.19

A small patch of farmland created with a gardening hoe (Image via Mojang)
A small patch of farmland created with a gardening hoe (Image via Mojang)

It goes without saying that before you can use gardening hoes for your farming purposes, you need to craft the tool. This can be achieved by opening a crafting table and placing two sticks alongside two resource blocks/items. These two materials can be anything from simple cobblestone blocks to diamonds. Later on, you can also upgrade the tool to Netherite quality by combining a diamond hoe with a Netherite ingot using an anvil.


Here’s how to use a hoe in Minecraft:

  1. Equip the tool by placing it in your toolbar and selecting it. This can be achieved by using your inventory screen and moving the hoe from your base inventory to the toolbar at the bottom.
  2. Find an appropriate dirt, grass, or dirt path block to convert into farmland. Tilling farmland won’t work on many blocks, such as mycelium or podzol, so you’ll need to find items, such as grass, dirt, rooted dirt, or a dirt path created with a shovel.
  3. Once you’ve found the right blocks to till, simply use your tool by right-clicking it or pressing the Place/Use Item button on your console controller (L2 on PS4, LT on Xbox, Tapping the location on Pocket Edition, and ZL on Switch). Subsequently, the block should be converted into farmland, and crop seeds can now be tilled into the soil.

Once you have created their farmland and sewn your seeds, you’ll likely need a source of water to ensure their crops grow as intended. This can be achieved by digging a hole or trench near the farmland blocks and filling them with water using a bucket. Doing so should darken them, showing that they’ve been saturated with water.

When your crops are fully grown, you can also use your gardening hoe as a means to harvest the fruits of your labor quickly. This is particularly useful when growing larger crops in Minecraft, such as melons or pumpkins, as hoes can break the blocks very quickly, allowing you to collect the items dropped even faster.


Additionally, if Minecraft players aren’t keen on waiting around for their crops to grow, they can use bone meal to speed up the process. Bone meal can be created through the use of a composter block by recycling plant matter of various kinds found in the game world.

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