How to use fillbiome command in Minecraft snapshot 22w46a

Minecraft: Java Edition’s latest snapshot, 22w46a, adds plenty of interesting new features and bug fixes. However, one notable inclusion was the addition of a brand new in-game command known as /fillbiome.


This new Minecraft command can essentially alter the properties of a set of blocks designated by a player. For example, a player can change one part of a plains biome into a swamp or some other in-game biome using this command.

Although the coordinates of designating this process aren’t perfectly precise, the command itself provides an excellent opportunity to terraform a Minecraft world to your liking and create ideal conditions for future builds. The /fillbiome command is only available in the current snapshot at the moment, but this inclusion likely means that it will make a full appearance when the 1.20 update officially releases.

Using the Fillbiome command in Minecraft

The /fillbiome command should allow players to effectively change their worlds as they see fit (Image via u/TheMurlocKing97/Reddit)
The /fillbiome command should allow players to effectively change their worlds as they see fit (Image via u/TheMurlocKing97/Reddit)

Using /fillbiome shouldn’t be too difficult of a command to figure out, and fortunately, Minecraft’s in-game command syntax assistant can help players figure out the command.

The structure of this particular command is fairly simple: you enter the two set coordinates of the biome area you’d like to change and then enter the biome of your choice before pressing enter. Nevertheless, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to use this new command.

How to use /Fillbiome in Minecraft

  1. Ensure that you have cheats enabled and you’re playing on snapshot 22w46a for Java Edition. Enter or create a world of any type.
  2. Once you’re in-game, open your chat interface by pressing the enter key.
  3. The standard syntax of the command you’ll want to enter is /fillbiome <from> <to> <biome> where <from> is your starting coordinates, <to> are your end coordinates, and <biome> is your biome of choice. An example of using this command would be something along the lines of /fillbiome 10 68 15 20 68 20 minecraft:deep_dark which would set the biome parameters of the defined area between the two set of coordinates to the deep dark biome.


Keep in mind that while this command changes an area’s biome in Minecraft, it won’t replace the existing blocks with those compatible with the newly-inserted biome. You won’t see a bunch of grass blocks be magically converted into sculk, sand, or snow. However, the properties of the coordinates will be changed, which can allow players to create conditions that would be well-suited to the new biome.

For example, converting a biome using the /fillbiome command to a taiga biome will allow the temperature to drop in that area so that snow can be formed and ice can be created from water. The applications for this command are certainly interesting, as this opens up the possibility of creating miniature biomes within existing biomes or even the creation of seasonal changes to the weather.


As a command, /fillbiome may also have extensive applications where Minecraft’s command blocks are concerned. Command blocks may be able to convert biomes immediately with the right coordinates in place, creating new ways of changing the landscape in the Overworld, Nether, and End for the foreseeable future.

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