How to use Biome Finder in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft is a game that is full of endless possibilities. With so much out there in the near-infinite world to explore, players will encounter many different locations in the game known as biomes.

In Minecraft, biomes are distinct areas in the game that have a specific temperature, weather patterns, mobs, blocks, and more. From deserts to oceans, jungles, and everything in between, finding a specific biome can be an important part of the Minecraft experience.

However, sometimes players may have some difficulty in finding these areas. That’s where using a tool such as Biome Finder can help. Here is how players can use it to get exactly what they need in Minecraft.

A guide to using Biome Finder in Minecraft


Biomes are an integral part of the Minecraft experience, and unfortunately, finding them is not always the easiest thing to do in the game. Luckily, there are a few different ways that players can go about finding what they need.

One of the easiest ways to find a specific area is to use the Biome Finder from Chunkbase, which is a website that is free for players to use, and provides them with a huge amount of data for their worlds.

In addition, another way players can find biomes inside Minecraft is by using console commands. Here is an in-depth look at each of the methods that they can use to find the perfect biome in their world.

Finding biomes using Chunkbase’s Biome Finder


To get started using the Chunkbase’s Biome Finder, players simply need to head over to its website. Once they are there, they will need to have the seed for their world.

Players can find the information by typing “/seed” in the console commands for Java Edition. For Bedrock, they can find the seed number in the World Options menu. Once they have the information, they should input it into the top block in the seed finder.

After putting in the seed, they will then need to make sure they input the correct version. For example, if players are using Minecraft 1.19, they would select that option from the dropdown menu. They can see what version they are using on the title screen.

Finally, after selecting these options, players must select the dimension they want to map out. These include the Overworld (the main dimension), the Nether, and The End. Simply select the one you wish to map out and the seed will instantly generate.

Finding a biome using the in-game console commands


Players on Java Edition can also use console commands to find nearby biomes. Once they open up the console by opening the chat window, they can simply type “/locatebiome.” Once they enter this command by hitting the Enter key, a list of available biomes will pop up for them to locate.

Then, players can find the biome they want to travel to, and either fly there or use another console command of “/tp” to teleport to that location.

Biome Finder can be an invaluable tool to players


While the game certainly has a lot of tools for players to use to make their life easier, having the ability to use console commands on Java Edition or heading over to Chunkbase can greatly help them in their exploration.

In only a few quick steps, they can save themselves hours of searching and get back to playing the game in the biome they had been searching for.

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