How to unlock shops in Minecraft Dungeons

When starting out in the world of Minecraft Dungeons, players will quickly make a home base called the camp. This area allows you to map out where you want to go next in your journey, make trades with other players, purchase items, try out new builds, and more.

However, all this functionality is not unlocked in the camp by default, and you will need to progress through the game to upgrade your camp.

Here is everything that you need to know about how you can unlock all of the shops in your camp and make it a perfect base.

Unlocking the Piglin Merchant and other shops in Minecraft Dungeons


The camp will feel very empty when you first begin the game. However, you will soon have a fully functional camp and a place to spend those hard-earned emeralds.

Unlocking the Village Merchant


When you start playing the game, you will have to slay hordes of enemies that will drop tiny green gems upon being defeated. Unfortunately, you won’t have anywhere to spend them until you complete the level Creeper Woods. Part of this level involves saving the Village Merchant.

Once this level has been completed, the Village Merchant will be added to the Camp. This merchant lets players purchase items, such as weapons and armor to upgrade their characters. He can be upgraded by freeing other villagers in the mission.

Unlocking the Mystery Merchant


The Mystery Merchant is another vendor that you will have to save to unlock. This vendor can be found in the level Pumpkin Pastures. To find the Mystery Merchant, you may need to head a bit off the beaten path, but with enough exploring, you will be able to locate them.

Once saved, the Mystery Merchant will join you in your camp and sell special boxes filled with mystery items. You can spend emeralds to receive mystery items that belong to the type listed on the box.

The Mystery Merchant can be upgraded by defeating enchanted mobs during missions.

Unlocking the Gift Wrapper


The Gift Wrapper is a way to share items with other players in Minecraft Dungeons. If you have an item you wish to give a friend, you can visit the gift wrapper to send it over to them. Items will be scaled to your friend’s level, so there’s no need to worry if it is too high or low when gifting it.

To add the Gift Wrapper to your camp, you will need to save them from the Soggy Swamp. Like the Mystery Merchant, you may need to search a bit before finding them.

The Gift Wrapper cannot be upgraded in Minecraft Dungeons.

Unlocking the Blacksmith


For those who want to upgrade their gear, the Blacksmith is the NPC for the job. When traded an item, the Blacksmith will refund all the enchantment points back to you and upgrade your item while you complete three missions. Once they are finished, the item is returned with a higher item level that matches the rest of your gear.

The Blacksmith can be found inside the Redstone Mines and must be rescued before they can join the camp.

The Blacksmith can be upgraded by defeating the Arch-Illiger on higher difficulties in Minecraft Dungeons.

Unlocking the Luxury Merchant


The Luxury Merchant offers quality items at a higher price. After each mission, the Luxury Merchant will have new wares to show you, which can even include unique gear with powerful effects.

You can add the Luxury Merchant to your camp by finding and rescuing them in Cacti Canyon.

The Luxury Merchant can be upgraded to three slots by defeating bosses and mini-bosses during missions in Minecraft Dungeons.

Unlocking the Piglin Merchant


The Piglin Merchant will arrive in your camp when you stumble upon gold for the first time. When you go through missions unique to the Flames of the Nether DLC or complete an Ancient Hunt, you will receive this gold.

Once inside the camp, the Piglin Merchant can be located in a small building to the south of the camp. Trading the Piglin gold can net powerful Gilded gear, which can include special effects that stack with Unique effects to create some of the most powerful items in Minecraft Dungeons.

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