How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft? You have to feed them seeds; any kind will work. They are tamed once hearts appear above their heads.

Taming any animal is quite an easy feat since certain steps are similar no matter what the animal is. We have already covered taming horses and breeding them on our website; you can check them out in the Minecraft section.

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Today we will examine how you can tame a beautiful parrot in Minecraft. The process is relatively simple, even for a new player. All you need is a few seeds, any kind of seeds work. Next is the location of the parrot and the things you need to do. Let us look at the steps.

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

This video will help you befriend parrots and applies to all game versions.

Step 1 – Finding Seeds

You can gather seeds in Grassland biomes. Alternatively, farming is also one of the more sustainable methods since these grains will be beneficial. Food is a necessity in this game; you can plant as many seeds as you want to grow crops.

Although finding them in grassland biomes is more straightforward, we encourage you to start framing seeds since it will save you a lot of trouble. They are used in many recipes, after all.

Step 2 – Finding a Parrot

The next step is to find a parrot. This is the most challenging part since parrots have a very rare spawn rate. It is close to 0.2%, but they are typically found in Jungle Biomes. You can also find them in Bamboo Jungle biomes.

After finding them pumpkin seeds as well. Once you find them, it is time to tame them.

Step 3 – Taming the Parrot

After finding the parrot, equip the seeds and start feeding them. You will notice it will be tamed after hearts start appearing above the parrot. Do not feed them cookies, as they will fly around and die after some time.

You can also make the parrots sit on your shoulder after taming them. To do that, just walk on the parrot after it is tamed, and it will sit on your shoulder.

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