How to start and defeat pillager raids in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft is an exciting game that is full of different biomes and dimensions for the player to explore. Each of these worlds holds their own special secrets and events that make the game feel like a living and breathing world. One of these events is a pillager raid.

In Minecraft, a pillager raid is something that happens when the Illagers (the evil villagers in the game) come to a village and start attacking the villagers who reside there. This is an exciting event and defending the village from harm can even get players an achievement. But how do you start a pillager raid in Minecraft?

What causes a pillager raid in Minecraft?


The way that a pillager raid starts in Minecraft is when either a player or a tamed wolf that possesses the Bad Omen effect walks into a village. The Bad Omen status effect is caused by killing an Illager Captain.

The level of Bad Omen also determines how intense the raid on the village is going to be. The Bad Omen effect can stack up to 5 times. The first level will only cause the raid to take place, however, for levels two to five, it will also cause one additional wave of pillagers to spawn during the raid.

The higher the level of Bad Omen, the better equipped the Illagers will be, meaning higher levels will have better enchanted weapons and gear.

How to defeat a pillager raid in Minecraft


One of the first things a player may notice about a pillager raid is that they will come in waves to fight the villagers. With each wave, players will be faced with different mobs and varying intensity of the attack.

To defeat the raid, the player must defeat every wave and defend the villagers from the attack. In Easy mode, players will need to face three waves (four with Bad Omen level two to five). In Normal Mode, they will need to face four (five with Bad Omen level two to five). In Hard Mode, they will need to fight against seven waves (eight with Bad Omen level two to five).

At the top of the screen, players will see a status bar for the number of pillagers and waves remaining in the raid. Once they have all been defeated, the raid will be defeated.

Earning the Hero of the Village Achievement


For those who are brave enough to face a pillager raid, they will be able to earn a special achievement in Minecraft. The Hero of the Village Achievement is a hidden achievement that requires the player to defeat at least one Illager during a raid on a village.

In addition to getting this amazing achievement and bragging rights, players can also earn some pretty handy loot for defeating the Illager mobs during a raid. This includes emeralds, iron weapons, armor and tools, and a whole lot of XP.

To earn the most XP from a raid, players will want to target the Ravagers. With so much loot, glory, and XP, the raid is a great way for players to participate in some exciting combat and earn gear and levels in the process.

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