How to spawn the Wither in Minecraft easily (2022)

The Wither is a fearsome boss found in Minecraft, but it can only be battled by summoning it. Normally, this would require the use of soul sand/soil blocks and three Wither Skeleton skulls. However, it’s possible to summon the mob boss in other ways if players don’t mind using commands.


For Minecraft players who don’t wish to farm for Wither Skeleton skulls to summon the mob, using commands or Creative Mode will be the way to go. Doing so brings slightly different requirements that depend on which edition of the game is being played, and the Wither will have different combat capabilities that are dependent on the edition as well.

Regardless of Minecraft’s version being played, spawning the Wither without going down the traditional route should only take a few moments.

Using Minecraft commands and Creative Mode to summon the Wither

The Wither is considered somewhat more dangerous in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang)
The Wither is considered somewhat more dangerous in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (Image via Mojang)

Before beginning the process of summoning the Wither, you will want to ensure that you have cheats enabled.

This can be done during world creation in both Java and Bedrock Editions of the game, though enabling them in the latter will disable any achievement gains from occurring. If you’re playing on Java and are already in-game, you can go to the pause menu and open the world to LAN, which will allow you to activate cheats that way as well.

Once the cheats have been activated, dive into your world and open your chat console. By using the correct command, you can directly summon the Wither in Survival Mode. Additionally, you can also switch the game mode to Creative, summon the Wither, then switch back to Survival.


Summoning the Wither without Creative Mode

  1. Once in-game, open your chat console. Be certain that cheats are enabled, otherwise the following command won’t perform its intended task.
  2. Enter the command “/summon minecraft:wither” without quotations. If you’d like to specifically place the Wither somewhere, you can also enter the XYZ coordinates after the “minecraft:wither” input. However, if you enter it without the numbers, the mob will spawn right next to you. Be careful if you do this in Survival Mode as the creature will immediately start attacking you.

Summoning the Wither with Creative Mode

  1. Enter the game and open your chat console. Ensure that cheats are enabled, then enter “/gamemode creative” without quotations.
  2. You should now be in Creative Mode. From here, open your inventory and click the compass tab. In the search field, enter “Wither spawn egg” and the game should immediately find the spawn egg for you. Equip it in your hands.
  3. Find a suitable location to place the mob and then right-click or press the “use item” button on your console. The Wither should now spawn, complete with its health bar.
  4. If you’d like to switch back to Survival Mode and battle the mob, enter the command “/gamemode survival” to switch back. Make sure you aren’t flying too high when you do this as you’ll immediately begin to fall.


In Minecraft, defeating the Wither tends to be much more difficult than summoning it. This is especially true in Bedrock Edition, where the fearsome boss is given additional attacks and more unpredictability. Once players defeat the fearsome foe, they’ll receive a Nether Star that can be used to craft a beacon.

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