How to spawn the Warden in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19

The world of Minecraft is home to many beautiful and interesting biomes that feature their share of mobs and blocks. However, none of them are as scary as the Deep Dark, which was added in the 1.19 Wild Update.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of that update is the mighty Warden mob. It is a powerful entity that – while blind – can still stalk and destroy anyone and anything that stands in its way using the power of hearing.

But how do you summon this terrifying creature in Minecraft? Read on to find out.

What the Warden can do in Minecraft 1.19 and how to summon it


The Warden is a mob that lives deep underground in the newest cave biome added with Minecraft 1.19, the Deep Dark. It is easily identified by the dark black and teal skulk blocks that line the area.

It is an area that lives up to its name, being located deep underground, and being very dark. However, the area can grow even darker when the Warden makes its way around as it will inflict the Blindness effect on all victims, making it almost impossible for them to see what is around them.

Not only is the Warden a hard-hitting creature, but it can take a lot of punishment as well. This means that before summoning the creature, players will want to ensure that they are prepared quite well. Bring armor, weapons and lots of food for the battle.

A guide to summon the Warden in Minecraft 1.19


There are a few ways to summon the Warden, but the first way is going to be the “correct” way to do so – the way it is intended in Survival mode. Located inside of the Deep Dark are different skulk blocks, and one of these is called the Skulk Shrieker.

When the Skulk Shrieker feels or hears a player approaching, or senses their vibrations by way of a Skulk Sensor, it will go off and make a telltale sound that lets gamers know they were heard. When this happens, they will also be inflicted with the Darkness effect and their warning level will increase by one.

The warning level is what tells the game to summon the Warden. When it reaches 4 (by alerting the Shriekers four times) by a player, the mob will be summoned at their location. It will dig up from the ground and begin relentlessly pursuing them.

The easier way to summon the Warden in Minecraft


While the original way of summoning the Warden may be the intended method, there is another, much quicker technique to summon one using console commands. To do so, players must open the console window, which can be done by opening the chat and pressing the “” key.

Once done, they will be able to summon the Warden by typing the following commands:

Bedrock Edition: /summon warden

Java Edition: /summon Minecraft:warden

Finally, players who are in Creative mode can also use a Warden Spawn Egg, which they can find in the menu. When the spawn egg is used, it will summon the creature to their location.

The Warden is a powerful mob


Once the Warden has been summoned, players will be in for a fight for their lives. It cannot be easily defeated, but for those who live to tell the tale, they will find the experience to be an exciting and worthwhile one as they will have vanquished one of the sandbox game’s most difficult foes.

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