How to spawn Illusioner in Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft is truly one of the biggest games in terms of the sheer amount of content available. There are always exciting new additions coming down the pipeline, and you can spend hours simply exploring the map. Even in the current version of the game, there are some hidden gems that you can find if you know where to look.

One of these exciting hidden features is the Illusioner mob. This is a mob that was created in Minecraft 1.12 but was never fully added to the game. The Illusioner is a hostile Illiger mob that fires a bow and creates copies of itself. But how can you access a mob that doesn’t have a spawn egg and doesn’t show up in-game?

How can you spawn Illusioners in Minecraft Java Edition?


If you want to spawn this mob in Minecraft, you can do so using a few console commands. The first thing that you’re going to need to do is to open the console command menu. Luckily, this is very simple and can be done in Java Edition by opening chat and typing the / key.

Once you have opened the console command, you will need to make sure that you type in the exact command to spawn an Illusioner. The command to summon one is:

/summon minecraft:illusioner

Once you have typed in the command, you simply need to hit Enter, and then the Illusioner will spawn nearby. It should be noted that there is no spawn egg for the mob even with console commands, so this is the only method you can currently use to spawn an Illusioner in the game.

What does an Illusioner do in Minecraft?


An Illusioner is a mob in Minecraft that will spawn with a bow and become hostile to you. In addition to attacking players, the Illusioner will also attack villagers as well as Iron Golems.

Although the primary attack of the Illusioner is firing a bow, it also has a trick up its sleeve, which is where it gets its namesake from. When attacking, it will wildly wave its arms and summon an illusion of itself. However, to make matters worse, it will blind you first before doing so. After blinding you and creating an illusion, it will then make itself invisible. These illusions cannot be killed, and in order to defeat the mob, you must hunt down the hidden Illusioner and take it out before it can deal more damage.

What does the Illusioner drop when killed?

After defeating the Illusioner, you will receive 5 XP. In addition to yielding XP, you can also get a bow that will drop with a random amount of durability. You have an increased chance of getting drops from the Illusioner if you have the Looting enchantment applied.

The Illusioner is an interesting mob in Minecraft

Although the Illusioner is not officially a part of the game, you can have a lot of fun experimenting with them and adding them to your own world. Perhaps they will be added to the game in the future, but for now, Java Edition players need to utilize console commands to add this mob to their world.

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