How to play a heist in Minecraft 1.19 update

Heisting has become a fixture in modern gaming and has even made its way to Minecraft.

Like players of Grand Theft Auto Online or Payday 2, Minecraft gamers can play through maps with objectives in order to successfully swipe valuables from a given location.


Since heists can be quite complex, many of these maps utilize a huge sequence of command blocks to keep things running. Certain maps even utilize mods and plugins in order to make their heists even more elaborate.

Below, players can find a quick guide to playing a heist in either Java or Bedrock Editions.

Methods players can use to play heists on both main editions of Minecraft (Java and Bedrock)

The Heist is a heist map for version 1.8.7 of the game (Image via
The Heist is a heist map for version 1.8.7 of the game (Image via

There are a few methods to utilize in order to obtain a heist map. Some of these methods are compatible for both editions of the game. However, the two editions can sometimes have differences that invalidate other methods.

Regardless, players also have multiple access points to gain heist maps, with Java players and Bedrock players both looking to community sites online.

Bedrock Edition players also have access to the in-game marketplace, which also serves a collection of heist maps.

Playing a Heist on Java Edition

  1. Head to a community site that allows maps to be downloaded such as Planet Minecraft, TLauncher or CurseForge.
  2. Find a heist map compatible with your version of the game (version 1.19 for example) and download the archive file.
  3. Extract the archive either in a secure folder or directly into your game folder’s saves folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, simply create one on your own.
  4. Open the game and check your single player world, where the map should now be available.

Playing a Heist on Bedrock Edition

  1. Head to a community site where Bedrock Edition maps can be found.
  2. Bedrock files occasionally appear in archive formats like Java edition but can otherwise be found as .MCworld files.
  3. If the file is an archive, extract or unzip it into your Minecraft folder’s minecraftWorlds folder.
  4. Players should then be able to open the game and utilize the map as they see fit. Furthermore, if the file is an .MCworld file, players can open the file with the game directly, and the installation process should proceed.


There are many factors to consider when playing a heist map. Each map possesses different aspects and mechanics, but many follow the same formula.

These maps generally have gameplay features like security systems, a Gameband and special character abilities. Players will need to avoid security like cameras, lasers, trapped vaults and pressure plates.

Fortunately, the Gameband can help players hack or disable many security features, and with a few fellow heisters, obtaining the grand prize should be more than possible.

Take things slow, keep an eye out for traps and security, and the valuables of the map will be yours in no time.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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