How to make piglin bartering farm in Minecraft 1.19

Finding items in Minecraft is important to succeed and progress in the world. Whether you’re looking for weapons, armor, or even certain materials, getting a helping hand can be all the difference a player needs.

While trading with villagers is a common option to find some important items, there is also a less-than-utilized method of trading with piglins. Piglins are native to the Nether, and they love to trade with players who can present them with their favorite item: gold.

But what exactly do piglins offer, and what is the best method to make a trading hall? Read on to find out.

What are piglins in Minecraft and how do they trade?


After venturing into the dangerous Nether in Minecraft, players will undoubtedly come across the piglin. This is a humanoid pig-like race of creatures that walk around in the nether searching for gold, which is their favorite item.

When a player approaches an adult piglin (except for piglin brutes) and throws a gold ingot on the ground, the piglin will pick it up. It will examine the piece of gold for six seconds, and then, after being satisfied, throw a random item on the ground for the player to pick up in a trade.

The items that piglins can drop come from a random drop table that consists of:

  • Enchanted Book with Soul Speed enchantment (1% chance)
  • Iron Boots with Soul Speed enchantment (1.75% chance)
  • Splash Potion of Fire Resistance (1.75% chance)
  • Potion of Fire Resistance (1.75% chance)
  • Water Bottle (2.18% chance)
  • Iron Nugget (2.18% chance)
  • Ender Pearl (2.18% chance)
  • String (4.36% chance)
  • Nether Quartz (4.36% chance)
  • Obsidian (8.71% chance)
  • Crying Obsidian (8.71% chance)
  • Fire Charge (8.71% chance)
  • Leather (8.71% chance)
  • Soul Sand (8.71% chance)
  • Nether Brick (8.71% chance)
  • Spectral Arrow (8.71% chance)
  • Arrow (8.71% chance)
  • Gravel (8.71% chance)
  • Blackstone (8.71% chance)

From this list, it can be summarized that players can take their gold ingots and turn them into much more valuable items by simply trading them with a piglin.

Now, it should be stated that if the player tries to trade with a baby piglin, it will just steal their gold. Therefore, to have a piglin bartering farm, they will want to get some adult ones.

Creating a piglin bartering farm in Minecraft


Piglins are a neutral mob that can be found inside the Nether Wastes and Crimson Forest biomes. They are hostile to those who aren’t wearing at least one piece of golden armor. If the player has golden armor, they can move near them and not be attacked, so long as they don’t hit the piglin.

To create a piglin farm, players will want to build glass blocks around a piglin to keep it in place. They can give the piglin a name using a nametag to ensure it doesn’t despawn. Thus, players can simply trade as many gold ingots as they wish to trade.

One should be able to pick up any items dropped through the glass, making this a safe way to keep the piglin still.

This process can even be automated, using a simple automatic farm, as shown in the above video.

Piglins can provide much value over time in Minecraft


By having a piglin around, players can trade gold at any time and hopefully make it into much better items. Additionally, they are simply fun creatures to be around, and their envious snorts are fun to listen to.

Since trading takes six seconds, players can use multiple trapped piglins to make the process much quicker. If done well, they will be very wealthy and able to take on any foe in Minecraft.

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