How to make honey blocks in Minecraft 1.19

Honey blocks were added to Minecraft 1.15 during the Buzzy Bees Update. It introduced many different bee-related items to Minecraft, including honey blocks, honeycombs, and beehives.

Honey blocks are fascinating and have a variety of uses, from being used as construction materials to being used as fuel. These can also be used to make honeycomb blocks, which can then be used to make beehives.

Unpacking the role of honey blocks In Minecraft


Honey blocks are yellow-colored and made entirely of honey. These blocks can be crafted by the player and can be destroyed instantly by striking them with any tool.

Honey blocks have a few unique properties. Firstly, they are sticky. Players and mobs will get glued to them by coming into contact. Those stuck to these blocks will be unable to jump. Secondly, they offer a small amount of fall damage reduction. Players and mobs will take less damage when falling on honey blocks than other blocks.

Bees are needed to make honey in Minecraft


To craft honey blocks, players must first learn about bees. These are neutral mobs that will fly around in plains, forests, and birch biomes. Bees are attracted to any flower, and players can also breed them using flowers. To get honey, players must first locate some bees.

Gathering ingredients to craft honey blocks


Once the player has located the bees, they will need to locate a hive or nest. Note that the hive will start dripping honey as the bees work. When this happens, approach the hive with an empty glass bottle and use it in the nest. The bottle will fill up with honey.

Players need four honey bottles to craft a honey block. Each honey block can be crafted by combining four bottles at a crafting table. This means that players who want to get a lot of honey blocks will need to create some bee farms.

Try not to anger the bees


When harvesting honey from a hive, the bees will likely be triggered and angered. When this happens, the generally cute-looking bees will have bloodshot eyes and pursue the player to sting. Note that bee stings can cause damage and poison damage over time. Players can quickly get overrun by bees if they are not careful. Take precautions and be highly vigilant while harvesting.

Players can craft a campfire and place it underneath the bee hive as a safer alternative. The smoke will flush angry bees out. This will ensure the player remains safe while harvesting honey.

Uses of honey blocks in Minecraft


One of the most popular uses of honey blocks is to create honey farms. These farms are a great way to produce large amounts of honey, which can be used for crafting or cooking. Honey blocks can be used to create beehives and farm bees. These can be used to produce a variety of items, such as wax.

Honey blocks can also make sugar when players cook with them. In addition, players can consume a honey bottle, which will restore six hunger points and 1.2 hunger saturation. This method of easing hunger takes a bit longer compared to other foods. However, honey bottles have the added benefit of removing poison effects.

Other uses of honey blocks in Minecraft


Honey Blocks can also be used to make redstone contraptions. Since honey blocks have a sticking effect, which is different from the slime blocks bouncy effect, they can be used for exciting results. Some of the most detailed and complicated redstone creations utilize honey. Players who want to master the use of redstone will undoubtedly want a supply of it on hand.

Honey blocks are a valuable resource in Minecraft


Bees are as important in Minecraft as they are in the real world. Providing players with delicious honey will help the world flourish and create some genuinely unique builds. Because of this, players will almost certainly want to keep some bees near their base. As mentioned before, prioritize safety at all costs.

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