How to Make Cyan Dye in Minecraft: 3 Simple Steps with Detailed Instructions

The Cyan Dye has many uses in Minecraft. This article will look at three simple steps to make Cyan Dye in the game.

Cyan Dye is relatively easy to make in this game, even if you are a beginner. You will require a stone axe and a furnace with fuel as a pre-requisite. The stone axe is easy to make, so that we won’t get into it. You do not even need the crafting table to make it. You need two ingredients; Lapis Lazuli and Cactus Green. We will show you how you can get both of these ingredients quickly.

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Cyan Dye in Minecraft – Made in Three Steps

 Step 1 – Getting the Lapus Lazuli

To get this block, you must journey to the depths of the mines. Lapus Lazuli looks like a grey block with dark blue colored engravings, not to be confused with cyan. You can find the Lapus Lazuli below block 32, meaning you must journey underground. Mining the ingredient is easy; you only need a stone or an iron axe. Collect as much as you desire, as this is one-half of the ingredients to make Cyan Dye.

Step 2- Obtaining the Cactus Green

Firstly, you have to find a cactus. You can find a cactus almost anywhere in the game. Break it, and bring the pieces to our furnace. Open the furnace, place a piece of fuel and the cactus, and proceed with making the ingredient. You will get Cactus green; repeat the process to make more.

Step 3 – Making the Cyan Dye

After you have both of the ingredients, open your crafting GUI in the Inventory. Add the Lapis Lazuli to the bottom of the left grid and the Cactus Green above it and craft. You have made Cyan Dye. You can use it to decorate banners, apply colors to them, and more.

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