How to Make Candles in Minecraft

How to Make Candles in Minecraft? You need some strings and Honeycomb to make them; they are a great light source.

Minecraft has a lot of things you can create with basic materials. Candles are a basic necessity and a tremendous alternating light source. You must memorize how to make them since they are easy to make and last long. Plus, the ingredients are easy to find. Let us look at the steps.

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How to Make Candles in Minecraft

Step 1 – Crafting Shears and Finding Shears

You will need Iron to make a pair of Shears. We have attached a guide on making a pair of Shears above, so check them out. To find strings, you will need to find spiders or cobwebs. You can kill spiders, brush aside cobwebs, or break tripwires in Jungles.

Step 2 – Finding a Bee Nest and Making a Campfire

The next step is to find a Bee Nest we can use to obtain wax. The Bee Nests are easily found in places such as sunflower plains, forests, hills, birch forests, and more. A trick is to find a random bee flying around the plain and follow it back to the nest.

Making a campfire is easy; you need some coal, sticks, and three wooden logs. You can find a tutorial on how to make a campfire below if you need it. You will also need a crafting table.

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Step 3 – Harvesting Wax and Making Candles

Place the Campfire beneath the Bee Nest to make the bees non-aggressive to you, and wait for the Bee Hive to fill with honey. Use the shears on the Bee Next to harvest Honeycombs once it is full. Now to craft a candle, open the crafting table and place the string in the center grid in the middle row.

Place the Honeycomb directly below the string and craft. Voila! You have created a candle. You can also make dyed candles by placing things like beetroot, cocoa beans, flowers, and ink sacs on the crafting table next to the candle.

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