How to make and use respawn anchor in Minecraft 1.19

In Minecraft, when you die, you will respawn at your world spawn point. However, there may be times when you want to change your spawn point. You might be far away from your home base and want to set up a new one closer to where you are. You might also want to make a newly made base your spawn point.

However, setting spawn points is different depending on which dimension the player is currently residing in. In the Nether, players cannot use a bed to set the respawn point, and they must use a Respawn Anchor instead. Here is everything one needs to know about Respawn Anchors in Minecraft 1.19.

How players can get a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft


In Minecraft, a respawn anchor is a block that allows a player to respawn at their spawn point in the Nether. To craft one, you will need six crying obsidian and three glowstone. These components can be found naturally in the Nether.

Players can also obtain ingredients to make their Respawn Anchor by bartering with Piglins, Wandering Traders, or by finding a Ruined Portal.

Using a Respawn Anchor in Minecraft

When a player first crafts their Respawn Anchor in Minecraft, it will need to be charged. This is different from using a bed in the Overworld, where it can simply be placed and then interacted with to set the player’s spawn point. This also means that it only functions as a respawn point if it is charged.

To do so, players will need to use a Glowstone Block (not Glowstone Dust) on the Respawn Anchor. Once it is used, the block will cause the Respawn Anchor to activate and gain one charge.

Players can use up to four Glowstone Blocks on the Respawn Anchor for a total of four charges.

How Respawn Anchor Charges work in Minecraft


When a player dies, and they have set the Respawn Anchor as their respawn point in the world, they will respawn near the anchor. When this happens, it will use up one charge.

Multiple players can set the same Respawn Anchor as their own respawn points, which means that even if the one who crafted it is not the one who dies, a charge will still be consumed.

Due to this, it is advised to carefully monitor the number of charges that are left inside the Respawn Anchor to avoid having any issues respawning.

Players can tell how much charge is available in a Respawn Anchor based on the amount of light that it produces. When the first charge is put, it increases its light level to three. Each additional charge added to it increases the light level by four, up to a maximum of 15 at four charges.

Respawning without a charged Respawn Anchor

If the player dies in Minecraft and the Respawn Anchor they have set as their spawn points are not charged, they will not be able to respawn there. Instead, they will go back to the world spawn point.

This means that depending on how far away the player is from the world spawn point, this can be a very bad situation. Therefore, it is highly advised that one makes sure to always keep the Respawn Anchor charged before heading out on their adventures.

Respawn Anchors used in other dimensions


When a Respawn Anchor is used in other dimensions, such as The Overworld or The End, it will explode. This is similar to how a bed will explode when it is used inside of the Nether or the End.

When this happens, the Respawn Anchor explodes with a power of five, setting fire to the surrounding blocks.

The Respawn Anchor will change the spawn location for good

When the player sets their spawn location to a Respawn Anchor, it will override their current spawn location and set that as their new spawn area. This means that even if one travels outside of the Nether, they will still respawn back near the anchor if they die.

To change this, players will simply need to find another spawn location, such as a bed, and use the item to set a new one. Otherwise, they will keep ending up back in the Nether.

Respawn Anchors can help greatly in Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the most complex games ever created and there is always more to explore. Of course, with so much to be done, there is surely danger to be faced.

Respawn Anchors can help circumvent this by keeping players in a safe spawn location to allow them time to regroup, or to not have to travel too far after death. One will definitely want to grab some Respawn Anchors if they plan on setting out for exploration in the Nether.

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