How to make an iron golem in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft’s world can be a dangerous place. Aside from all of the hazards that come with exploring the depths of the Nether and The End, there are also hostile mobs present that threaten the players.

These entities come out in the dark and relentlessly attack gamers. Of course, they can arm themselves and fight back with a trusty sword or axe. However, there are times when they just want to have a bit of extra security for themselves or their friends.

This is where iron golems can help. They are big and strong mobs that can protect players and their allies. But how can someone create the entity in Minecraft 1.19?

A guide to iron golems in Minecraft 1.19


An iron golem is classified as a neutral utility mob that can be created by players. Unlike many that spawn naturally into the game’s world, this entity (which does also spawn naturally in villages) can be built by players whenever and wherever they choose; all they need are the right ingredients.

When a golem is built, it will instantly spawn in the place where it was crafted. It will then shamble around, protecting any players and villagers from danger in the area.

Creating an iron golem in Minecraft 1.19

You can craft an iron golem by following a few simple steps:

  1. First, you need to have four blocks of iron.
  2. Place the resource in the shape of a “T.” Two blocks in the middle, with one on each side of of the top block.
  3. Then, place a carved pumpkin, Jack-O’-Lantern, or a regular pumpkin on top of the T on the middle block (resembling a + sign).

If the steps are followed correctly, you will have no problem spawning an iron golem. It is a powerful mob that will greatly enhance your security.

How strong is an iron golem?


An iron golem that is spawned by the player has 50 hearts worth of HP. In addition to this, it is capable of swinging its arms in front of it, causing 3.75 to 10.75 hearts of damage.

The mob has a long range and causes damage by flailing and knocking players and other entities into the air. Naturally spawned iron golems will attack gamers if provoked. However, those created artificially will not attack players, even if being hit.

In addition, when golems take damage, they begin to take on a cracked appearance. Players can heal them by giving them an iron ingot, which will repair the entity, but consume the resource in the process. Interestingly, this is much cheaper than creating an entirely new golem.

Iron golem’s behavior in Minecraft 1.19

Once an iron golem has been created, it will patrol around the area the player created it in. It will stay near them and any buildings in the surroundings, always staying vigilant and keeping an eye out for any foes.

The golem can be placed on a lead that will keep it confined to a single spot, although it will not be able to pursue mobs in this state. However, players can rest assured that the mob will do everything in its power to keep them safe from harm.

Iron golems are an amazing addition to any build


Being able to stay safe in Minecraft is an important part of the experience. So much of the game revolves around survival, building, and exploring, and it’s great to be able to take a bit of the burden off. For this reason, iron golems are a welcome addition to Minecraft, and well worth the extra iron to craft.

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