How to Make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft: Detailed Step by Step Guide

This article will instruct you on making a Fishing Rod in Minecraft. It will be a step-by-step guide that will cover each aspect.

To make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft,  you will need three sticks and two pieces of string. In addition, you will need a crafting table to craft it. Let us look at everything in detail.

Making a Fishing Rod in Minecraft: Detailed Guide

1. Getting Wooden Blocks and A Crafting Table

First, you need to collect multiple wooden blocks as much as possible. After that, open your inventory, put the wooden blocks in the grid, and craft to create planks. After you create planks, fill the grid with these planks to create a crafting table. If you need a detailed tutorial, then we have attached one below.

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2. Making Sticks and Collecting Strings

Open your inventory again. Get two wooden planks and place one on top of the other in the crafting GUI to make Sticks. We will use these sticks to craft the fishing rod. Make sure to make 6 or 7 so you can craft 2 fishing rods at the same time. As for Strings, you need to collect them by killing spiders. You can also get them by breaking cobwebs, but the most consistent way is to kill the spiders.

After gathering these two ingredients, come back to your crafting table, and we are ready to make the fishing rod.

3. Making the Fishing Rod

Open the crafting table and place the sticks diagonal ways, starting from the top right to the left. So, one stick will go to the top row’s right. One goes to the middle of the center row, and the last one goes to the left grid of the last row. The strings will go below the first stick on the top right. Place two strings below the first stick in the middle and the last row. Craft, and Voila! You have a Fishing Rod.

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