How to Make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft: What are the Uses of This Stand

Making a Brewing Stand is easy. To make it, you will need a Blaze Rod, a Crafting Table, and Cobblestones. 

The only drag about this build is the Blaze Rod which takes a couple of steps to find and requires access to the Nether. Otherwise, finding cobblestones and making the Crafting table is easy. Let us look at everything step by step.

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Make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft: Here are the Detailed Steps

Step 1 – Making a Crafting Table and Collecting Cobblestones

We have attached an article above that helps you create a Crafting Table. You require four wood planks; put them in the default Crafting GUI 2X2 grid and craft. You will have a Crafting Table. Next is collecting cobblestones; you can find them anywhere since they are the most common blocks in Minecraft. The most popular spot is Mines; you will find many other elements, like Iron Ore.

Step 2 – Collecting Blaze Rods

To go to the Nether, you will need ten obsidian pieces, some flint, and steel. After getting to the Nether, find the Blaze around the Nether Fortress. The drop rate for those Blaze Rods is 50% so that you can get it on the first try. If you can get your hands on the Looting Enchantment, the chances of getting more rods after the kill go up. For example, if you have the highest level of Looting Enchantment, there is a chance that you will get 4 rods.

Step 3 – Making the Brewing Stand

After getting the Blaze Rod, make your way to the Crafting Table and open it. Place the Blaze Rod in the center grid of the middle row and the three cobblestones in the bottom row and craft. Congratulations, you made a Brewing Stand.

Uses of the Brewing Stand

The Brewing Stand is mainly used to make potions in the game. You can make potions that can boost your health and a lot more. You will need to find some glass bottles; they are relatively easy to make. The Brewing stand can also make Water Bottles.

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