How to Make a Boat in Minecraft: The Simplest Guide Out There!

This article will tell you How to Make a Boat in Minecraft in three simple steps. All you need is lots of wood and a crafting table.

A boat will help you travel the waters in Minecraft without going through the tedious swimming process. Making a boat is pretty simple; you only need lots of wood. Moreover, it does not matter which kind of wood you pick up since all the wood serves the same purpose in a boat. Let us look at the process and break it down into three simple steps.

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Making a Boat in Minecraft – Here’s How

Step 1 – Gather Wood and Make Planks

You can gather wood from the trees by cutting them with an axe. After you cut those trees, you will receive logs. Those logs will be used to make planks which in turn make logs. However, we need to make a crafting table as well. We will look at that in the next step. For now, cut the trees and collect the logs. Open your Inventory and put the logs in the bottom right corner of the 2×2 grid to make planks. Make as many planks as you can.

Step 2 – Making a Crafting Table (For those who don’t have one)

The next step is to make a crafting table. Open the Inventory and place the wooden planks we created in the previous step in each of the grids of the 2×2 grid. Craft it, and you have a crafting table. Remove it from your Inventory and place it on the ground.

Step 3- Making the Boat

Go to the crafting table and open it. You will see a 3×3 grid. Place the remaining wooden planks in a U shape that occupies the first two rows. Press craft, and you have a boat. You can use it in various ways, but the primary way is to travel in water. You can carry it anywhere you like.

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