How to make a bed explode in Minecraft

Blocks are the lifeblood of Minecraft. For a game that dedicates its entire life cycle towards making blocks, blocky terrain, and block-based creatures, it is impressive that it has held a reputation this good for more than ten years.

Each block in Minecraft has been specially designed to serve a specific purpose. Some blocks are just in the game for decoration, while others perform specific functions that allow players to interact with their world in different ways.


The bed is one of the most iconic and helpful blocks in the game. Its primary use is to enable players to set respawn points, most of which are done inside a player’s base. It also signifies the day-night cycle that humans share in real life. In order to respawn on your bed, you’ll need to sleep.

Beds are quite crucial to any player’s Minecraft playthrough, at least in survival mode. Aside from helping players set their spawn, they can also be used to determine the state of a village or to create an entirely new village. This is based on the fact that a village depends on villagers. Each villager needs a bed to be able to sleep in, which, in turn, determines their pre-generated house inside the village.

Minecraft: What makes a bed explode?


Beds are pretty crucial to any player’s Minecraft playthrough, at least in survival mode. If a player decides to build their base thousands of blocks away from spawn, the last thing they’d want is to spawn all the way back to where they started. In addition to this, beds can be used to block or reduce fall damage and bounce around in general.

However, once players venture into the Nether and End dimensions, everything about the bed block changes. Each of these dimensions has many properties that are different from the Overworld.


One of these properties is that beds cannot be used to set a spawn point in both dimensions. If any player tries to set their spawn or sleep on a bed in the Nether, it explodes and often kills them. The same stands true for the End dimension.

The usage of beds in each of these dimensions differs. In the Nether, there’s almost no situation where the usage of a bed and its subsequent explosion is of any use. All it will do is kill or severely damage the player, make additional openings for lava to flow through, and possibly make neutral mobs like zombified piglins and endermen aggressive towards the player.


The End, however, has one major use for the bed-exploding phenomenon. The End dimension contains Minecraft’s final boss, the Ender Dragon. With 200 HP, it has one of the largest health bars in the game, which therefore requires players to come up with attacking methods that deal a ton of damage.

While players can use potions and enchanted weapons like bows and axes to deal an increased amount of damage, nothing beats the precision and damage that is caused by an explosion from a bed.


Killing the dragon using bed explosions is a method that many speedrunners use in order to finish the game as soon as possible. Players must wait for the dragon to descend and approach the central pillar. This will allow the player to place some beds on the top of the pillar and blow them up.

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