How to increase height limit in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that has near-limitless potential to create almost anything a player can desire. But even this sandbox game has its limits as far as how high up players can build.

In the game, this is known as the height limit, and it exists in both directions, where players can place blocks high up in the sky, or deep down inside the earth. Of course, this is done to prevent lag and for smooth loading of the game.

But is there a way to increase this build limit? Read on to find out.

Knowing your limits in Minecraft


There are a few different variables that players should know about when it comes to the height limit in Minecraft.

First, there is the maximum height at which players can place structures. This is 319 for the Overworld. In the Nether, the height limit is 255 blocks, with The End dimension also capping at 255 blocks. This means that top layer of the block place will extend to 320 for the Overworld and 256 for the Nether and The End respectively.

For going down in the world, -60 blocks is the limit, and once players get past there, they will begin taking 4 hearts of damage per second until they perish or get back to a recommended block layer.

Is there a way to increase the height limit in Minecraft?


Of course, since this limit exists, many players want to know just how far they can push the envelope.

While building in vanilla Minecraft is not possible past the height limit, players with an Elytra can use fireworks to go several thousand blocks above the height in Survival Mode.

For those in Creative Mode with unlimited fireworks, they can go even higher. This will go all the way up to the maximum limit of Y=2,147,483,647. Once this has been reached, however, the game can start to get unresponsive and even crash.

In addition, players can also teleport as high as Y=19,999,999.99999999 blocks, which is the maximum allowed number for them to go. However, there is not much to see up there, and players will need to fall for a very long time to reach the ground if their game doesn’t end up crashing first.

Changing the height limit with mods in Minecraft


While changing the height limit is not something that can be done in vanilla Minecraft, players are still able to download mods to change the height (and depth) limit in the game.

To do so, players should head to a reputable mod site, such as Curseforge, to download files. This will ensure they can get safe files without the risk of getting a virus on their system. Once there, a mod like Shattered World Limits can let them change the height limit of their game dramatically.

For example, the mod Shattered World Limits lets players go up to 1024 blocks. In addition, they can go below the bedrock, down to 511 blocks and build all sorts of interesting things down there.

However, as with any mods, players will want to monitor their system’s performance to ensure they are able to run the game smoothly after installing the mod.

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