How to grow mangrove trees in Minecraft

Each new major update to Minecraft gives us a ton of new ways to enjoy this already endless game. The Wild Update is yet another example of this, as it introduces some new biomes, mobs, and plenty of new blocks to incorporate into our crafting recipes. While a new swamp type, known as the Mangrove Swamp, may not seem all that appealing compared to everything else, it does come with some fun new things to play with.

Mangrove trees are the highlight of the Mangrove Swamp. However, unlike your more traditional tree, mangrove trees don’t have saplings that you can just grab off the ground and plant to start your own mangrove tree farm. If you want to tame this wild new type of tree for its new wood blocks, here’s a full guide on how to grow your very own mangrove tree in Minecraft.

A frog sitting in a swamp.

How to grow mangrove trees

While the steps to growing a mangrove tree will always be the same, it is always up to chance how hard or easy it will be based on the world you’re in. Because they’re randomly generated, you might spawn in the exact right spot without having to move, or you may end up searching for several minutes to find the right area.

Step 1: Find a Mangrove Swamp. You can identify them by the massive, interconnected mangrove trees that form a kind of canopy and tend to spawn near warmer biomes.

Step 2: Find a mangrove tree and harvest its Mangrove Propagule.

Unlike regular saplings, mangrove trees have Mangrove Propagules that hang from the underside of their leaf blocks. They look like small green rods.

Mangrove trees in a swamp.

Step 3: Plant your Mangrove Propagule in any normal dirt, grass, or mud type block. They can grow in any biome, so feel free to take them out of the swamp.

Step 4: If you’re impatient, you can speed up the growth process by feeding it Bone Meal.

Mangrove tree wood is a new block type, but the only real difference is in aesthetic. It serves the same function, but has a new texture and is red in color, which alone may be worth it for you designers out there.

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