How to grow every crop in Minecraft

Minecraft is a highly versatile game that throws various complex puzzles at players. Building structures and creating objects are offered in one mode. In Survival mode, sustaining oneself is a crucial part of the gameplay. Managing hunger, seeking shelter, and being well-armed amplifies the survival experience.

It is surprising that no core guidance exists in a game that features thousands of crops and nuanced ways to grow them. Instead, players are meant to experiment and figure out the process themselves. For those struggling to find farming tips, the following section dives into an overview of the crops that can be grown in Minecraft.

What are crops used for in Minecraft?


Crops are grown to satisfy hunger. It will come naturally to Minecraft players throughout their survival playthrough. To deal with hunger, players need to secure various food sources. This can be done via hunting, gathering, and farming unique crops.

Some crops are easier to grow than others, but players can ensure they thrive in this Minecraft mode by learning to harvest appropriately.

Wheat is perhaps one of the most fundamental crops in Minecraft and the easiest to grow. Till the soil using a hoe to plant the wheat seeds. Players can utilize a simple 9×9 farm construction, with one block of water directly in the center. Weed multiplies using this method.

Beatroot is similar to wheat because it can be grown on tilled soil in the same 9×9 configuration. Employing this method will ensure that players grow beatroot faster than wheat.

Carrots are another crop that can be grown using a 9×9 farm. These crops can be found inside the plots of farmland tended to by villagers. They multiply and can be an excellent source of satiating hunger.

Potato, like carrots, can also be found on village farm plots. Players can use a 9×9 farm in the same fashion as the wheat, beatroot, and carrot to grow potatoes. This can multiply and provide players with an easy source of food.

Melons are a bit different than the other crops on this list, as they need a whole block adjacent to where they are planted to grow. Players can arrange melon farms in rows where each seed is separated from the other by an empty plot. This can give melons space to grow and be harvested off the vine without replanting.

Pumpkins, much like melons, also require room to grow. Pumpkins are incredibly useful and can be used to make iron golems and jack-o-lanterns. This makes pumpkins a handy crop to have on the farm.

Bamboo is the quickest-growing crop in the game and is found naturally inside jungle biomes. It can be planted anywhere on any regular soil block and grow without water. This makes bamboo an excellent crop to grow in a less-than-ideal environment.

Cocoa Beans can be planted on any jungle wood without being attached to a living tree. This means players can place down a jungle wood log, including stripped wood, and place a cocoa bean on each side. These will grow into trees over time.

Sugarcane is an easy-to-grow plant in Minecraft that only requires it to be placed near the water on a soil block – grass, coarse dirt, ingrained dirt, gravel, sand, podzol, moss, red sand, and mycelium. Sugarcane is so versatile that it can be grown near waterlogged and frosted ice blocks.

Sweet Berries grow in a bush form. Hence, players can plant them on any soil block, such as grass, dirt, or tilled farmland. The bush will grow when placed on these blocks, and berries will later appear.

Cactus, a dry climate specialist, can be grown on any sand block without water. This makes them perfect for making walls or even decorations. As long as the sand is not removed, cacti can be harvested repeatedly.

Mushrooms can be grown in low light levels, but are soil specific. To flourish, the fungi must be planted on mycelium, podzol, or nylium, below light level 12. Players can use bonemeal on the mushrooms to form giant fungi. This will amplify the yield.

Kelp is easy to grow, as they need to be placed underwater. This means players can plant it anywhere underwater, and it will grow well.

Sea Pickle is a strange plant/animal hybrid in Minecraft. It can be placed anywhere underwater. However, for those who want them to multiply, the pickle must be placed on a piece of living coral. Otherwise, they will not move from where they are placed.

Nether Wart comes from the Nether and can be grown at any light level. However, it has to be placed in Soul Sand. Players can grow unlimited warts if planted on the correct block.

Chorus Fruit is a unique food from The End dimension. Players can grow this crop at any light level, provided they bring the flower out of The End and place it upon an End Stone block.

Fungus is another crop from the Nether dimension of Minecraft. This crimson and warped fungus operates similarly to the regular mushrooms in the game. They can be grown at any light level and planted on more blocks, including grass, dirt, coarse dirt, podzol, farmland, nylium, mycelium, and soul soil.

This makes them much more versatile to plant. They can be grown into giant fungi using bonemeal.

Glow Berries are an excellent food found exclusively in Minecraft’s lush caves. These berries grow down from the ceiling, can be placed at the bottom of blocks, and will continue to grow as long as they detect open air below them. Bonemeal can also be used on the vines to aid growth.

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