How to get woodland and ocean explorer map in Minecraft

Minecraft boasts a world where players can build and create almost anything they can imagine. With so much freedom and the ability to explore anywhere they wish, players may require some help finding their way around.

Obviously, players can create their own maps to show them where they have been and what they still need to explore, but there are far more specialized maps that can be obtained in-game.

These are the woodland and ocean explorer maps that players can use to find special locations on the map, such as Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions. This article will explain how one can get these special maps.

How players can obtain a woodland and ocean explorer map in Minecraft


Knowing where to find an Ocean Monument and Woodland Mansion is always useful information to be aware of. Inside each of these locations are untold riches and incredible danger. Before embarking on a journey to these locations, players will want to make sure that they are equipped for battle.

Once they are ready, it’s time to acquire the woodland and ocean explorer maps. Fortunately, obtaining these maps is a simple task, and both of them can be acquired in relatively the same manner. Follow the steps given below to obtain these maps.

Obtaining the ocean explorer map in Minecraft


The first map that players will most likely be able to obtain is the ocean explorer map. This can be acquired by simply trading with an apprentice level cartographer villager. To get this map, simply walk up to the cartographer and right click on them to open up the trade menu.

Once inside the trade menu, players will be able to trade 13 Emeralds and a compass for one ocean explorer map.

Obtaining the woodland explorer map in Minecraft


The woodland explorer map is obtained in almost the exact same way as the ocean explorer. However, the only difference is that the cartographer villager will need to be at a journeyman level instead of an apprentice.

Once the villager has moved up the ranks to journeyman, players can then trade with the cartographer for 14 Emeralds and a compass to get the woodland explorer map.

Using the maps in Minecraft to find points of interest


The best part about the woodland explorer and ocean explorer maps is the ease at which they reveal special points of interest on the map. By starting with the ocean explorer map, players will easily be able to find Ocean Monuments in the seed that they’re playing on.

Ocean Monuments contain the sought-after sponge block and are ideal locations for obtaining Prismarine. However, players will need to prepare for a fight with the mighty Elder Guardian if they wish to explore one of these underwater structures.

With the woodland explorer map, players will be able to find the Woodland Mansion. These are large houses located in wooded areas, which players can enter to find large numbers of Illagers and plenty of useful treasures.

This is also a dangerous undertaking as, by heading in unprepared, players can be attacked by various mobs, including creepers, spiders, and more.

Find the way with these special maps in Minecraft

Minecraft has a lot to discover, but doing it all doesn’t need to be hard. Once players find these maps, they will be well on their way to having some special treasures and will likely have a lot of fun exploration to look forward to.

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