How to get With Our Powers Combined! in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition adds new achievements quite often, and more than a few were introduced in The Wild Update. One such example known as “With Our Powers Combined!” is a reference to the 1990s cartoon series Captain Planet and the Planeteers, but oddly enough involves the use of the new 1.19 frog mobs.


To be specific, this particular Minecraft Bedrock achievement requires players to carry every variation of the froglight block in their inventory at once. To elaborate, frogs can grow into three different variations depending on the biome they are born in.

These biomes are separated by temperature, and when these frogs are fed small Magma Cubes, they will create a froglight block with a different coloration depending on the frog variant that created it.

How to Complete the “With Our Powers Combined!” Minecraft Achievement

Players will require the presence of the smallest form of Magma Cubes to get froglights (image via mcspotlights/YouTube)
Players will require the presence of the smallest form of Magma Cubes to get froglights (image via mcspotlights/YouTube)

Though this Minecraft achievement seems a bit tricky at first, it’s fairly simple. To get started, players will have to find two frogs and get them to breed tadpoles. Frogs are typically found in swamps or mangrove swamp biomes, and fortunately, you can use a lead to have them follow you, though this isn’t required. By feeding two frogs slimeballs, they will breed and find a source of water to lay frogspawn.

Once the frogspawn block has been laid, it will hatch over time, creating tadpoles. To ensure you get all three frog types you need, place the resulting tadpole in a bucket and relocate it to a specific biome. Once the tadpole has matured in a given Minecraft biome, it will become one of three variants depending on the biome’s temperature.

Obtaining each frog variant in Minecraft

  • Orange – Place a tadpole in water in a temperate biome. Examples include plains, a forest, taiga, river, swamp, or ocean biome.
  • White – Drop a tadpole in warm biome water. Try biomes such as jungles, badlands, deserts, and mangrove swamps.
  • Green – Place a tadpole in cold water found in cold-temperature biomes such as snowy plains, ice spikes, mountain groves, frozen rivers, and snowy beaches.


Once you’ve got your three frog variants, it’s time to find Magma Cubes. Keep in mind that to receive this Minecraft achievement, players will need to feed the cubes to these frogs. Doing so requires the smallest possible Magma Cube, as frogs can’t eat them when Magma Cubes are too large. To make smaller cubes, attack them until they break down into the smallest segments.

Once you’ve got your tiny Magma Cubes, it’s feeding time. This can be done in a few different ways and you can use a method that works best for you.

Ways to feed frogs Magma Cubes in Minecraft

  1. Place a frog in a boat and move it into a Nether portal. Enter the Nether and move the boat to a location where your small Magma Cubes are located. Break the boat and the frog will do the rest, consuming the nearby cube and creating a froglight, which can then be harvested with any tool or by hand.
  2. Attach a lead to your frogs and bring them along through a Nether portal to their destination near the Magma Cubes.
  3. Lure the Magma Cubes close enough to a Nether portal until they are transported to the Overworld, then continue luring them until they’re close enough to the frogs to be consumed.


Once all three frog variants have consumed a Magma Cube, Minecraft players are free to collect their three different froglights, resulting in the achievement being unlocked once all three are in the player’s inventory.

Edited by Adelle Fernandes

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