How to get to world border in Minecraft

World border can be important for custom maps in Minecraft. They are a way to limit the areas that one can get to. There used to be an “Old” map setting, much like the “Infinite” or “Flat” options that players have now.

Old worlds would only extend so far and they would end. Nothing past there can be accessed and it won’t even render. However, the Old world type is no more. Thanks to the recent updates, it’s not a world type any longer.

For players who want to limit their world’s access, this can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are ways to set up a world border without that world type. Here’s how you can do that.

Setting up a world border in Minecraft


Method 1: Commands

Commands are a way for Minecraft gamers to effectively do almost anything they want. This can be done by using the world border command.

The syntax for this command is as follows: /worldborder center <X> <Z>. In this instance, the X and Z are coordinates. Enter the specific coordinates for where you want the world border to be.

The Y coordinate doesn’t matter since it goes all the way to bedrock and the build limit automatically.

World borders cannot be penetrated (Image via Mojang)
World borders cannot be penetrated (Image via Mojang)

If the command was entered properly, you will see an in-game chat message stating that that is the case.

Step two is to determine the size of the border with yet another Minecraft command. The syntax for this command is as follows: /worldborder set <size> (the size will be the number of blocks). It’s best to make the world border large just to ensure nothing goes wrong.

This can be adjusted later, so trial and error is a way of figuring out how big you need the world border to be, so there’s less pressure on this command the first time around.

In regular Minecraft, commands disable achievements. Be aware of this if you intend on using these to set the world border. If you’re already in Creative mode, it won’t matter, but it is something crafters should consider when making a world.

Method 2: Border blocks

This method takes a lot of time to pull off and can be frustratingly tedious. It involves commands but also requires you to block off each block. Nevertheless, it’s the only other option right now.

Border blocks can’t be gone over or broken, so they are pretty useful in that sense. They’re an all-encompassing border that can’t be surpassed.

To obtain it, you will need to enter the command. The syntax for this particular Minecraft command is: /give @p border_block 1 0.


In this case, the “@” is the username of the player who needs to have border blocks. After this, crafters can place them wherever they want.

This does take longer than entering a few commands, but also ensures that players have the border exactly where they want it. It will also disable achievements as there’s currently no way of limiting the size of the world without using commands.

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