How to get the Wilbur Soot skin in Minecraft

Minecraft is known for its highly customizable properties. The game contains different variants for many blocks and allows players to use dyes to color and decorate their items and in-game belongings. One of the biggest elements of customization in the game, however, is a player’s skin.

While there are a ton of skins available for Minecraft, some stand out or are famous because of who they depict. For example, skins used by or modeled after YouTubers or Minecraft influencers are quite popular within the game’s community.

One such example is the skin used by popular content creator Wilbur Soot. This article will talk about how players can download the Wilbur Soot skin and use it for themselves.

Wilbur Soot: How to find and download the YouTuber’s Minecraft skin

A player’s skin in Minecraft serves as their identity and is often something they relate to. Everyone wants to look as good as possible in the game, and skins can make that happen while also bringing a personal touch to the players’ in-game experience.

While capes also fall in the same category, most of these are hidden behind a paywall, which is a route many players cannot or do not want to take.

Wilbur’s skin in the game is quite aesthetically pleasing and is, quite obviously, a representation of himself. This is quite common among YouTubers and content creators who are a part of the game’s community. It also helps them be recognizable when needed.

While players like TommyInnit and Techoblade have flashy and over-the-top skins that also represent their appearance on their YouTube and Twitch thumbnails, Wilbur does the same while also keeping his model simple.

Wilbur’s skin consists of a long, full-sleeved, and plain colored sweater along with a black trouser set, greyish-black shoes, and a hairstyle with hair coming down to the model’s forehead.

This look is quite similar to what Wilbur looks like in real life. It represents his dressing sense and hairstyle incredibly accurately. The simplicity of the skin makes it minimalistic and an attractive pick for any Minecraft player and fan of the YouTuber.

Steps to download and use the Wilbur Soot skin


Skins for in-game player models are available on many notable websites. However, namemc is a reliable source of skins and one of the most popular websites for Minecraft skins.

  • Navigate to the namemc website, or just type “namemc” into the search bar.
  • If the website opens on the “skins” page, then proceed. If not, click on “Skins” on the top of the page.
  • Type in “Wilbursoot” in the search bar.
  • A single skin will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Players should then click the “Wilbursoot Minecraft Skins” option just above the displayed skin.
  • On the Wilbursoot skins page, players are free to select any variation of the skin. However, one of the simplest and most notable skins is the one that is in the eighth position, or tagged “#8.”
  • Go on and hit “Download” right beneath the skin if the player wants to apply the skin manually or make changes to it in an external software. The skin will be downloaded as a PNG image.
  • Players can also hit the “Apply” button. This will take them to the game’s official website, where they can sign in with their Microsoft account. Some customization options will be displayed for the skin, after which players can just upload the PNG image of the skin, and hit “Upload”. This will apply the skin to their account, with it being visible in the game.

Will “Wilbur Soot” is one of the biggest Minecraft content creators on the internet right now. He is known for his smart, quirky, and amusing content that can be witnessed during his various Twitch streams and stream highlights on his YouTube channel.

With over six million subscribers on YouTube and four million followers on Twitch, Wilbur has taken the Minecraft community by storm and is loved by players all over the globe.

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