How to get resource packs in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft is a game where players can be almost anything they want to be. Aside from changing their look with different skins and creating anything they desire with any of the numerous blocks, they can also change the way the game looks.

This is most notably done using a resource pack. These resource packs are downloadable files that can drastically change the way that textures are applied in the Minecraft world.

Players can make their worlds look more realistic, add cartoon-like effects and many other fun looks to their game – making it the most fun a player can have in a collaborative learning environment.

How to get resource packs in Minecraft Education Edition


The first step towards getting a resource pack in the Education Edition is downloading the one that you want from a reputable website. It is important that the site is reputable, such as Curseforge, because if it isn’t, players could end up downloading a virus and damaging their game or computer.

After heading to the website, players should search for resource packs and select the one that they want to download. It should be noted that not all mods and packs work with Education Edition, to keep the game stable in the collaborative environment.

Therefore, when choosing a resource pack, players should pick the ones listed as being compatible with Minecraft Education Edition. Once found, download and extract the files.

Installing the resource pack in Education Edition


Once the player has downloaded the resource pack, the process of copying the files to the game is very easy and can be done in just a few steps:

  • First, ensure that the Minecraft client as well as the game are not running.
  • Once verifying the game is closed, hit the Windows Key or open the Start menu
  • Go to the search bar in the Start Menu and input %appdata% and find the Minecraft Education Edition folder
  • Inside the folder, locate the Resource Pack folder and paste the downloaded resource pack inside
  • Close all the folders and launch the game

Accessing the resource packs inside of the game

Once players have started up their game, they will then need to go to the Settings option in the main menu. Once there, head to the Resource Packs option. After clicking on the Resource Packs folder, head to the My Packs section and activate any of the packs that need to be used.

Once these packs have been activated, the game should take a few moments to apply the new resource packs. Players may need to restart their client for all of the changes to take effect. However, if done correctly, they will immediately notice a difference in textures.

Resource packs are a fun way to change the game


Not only is Minecraft a fun game, but it makes for a great learning environment as well. With this in mind, vanilla textures can get a little boring. With a bit of help from a resource pack, students can get the world they want to keep things fresh in their game.

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