How to get Minecraft x Burberry DLC

In a dev post on November 1, 2022, Mojang announced the latest Minecraft collaboration with another brand.

This time, the world’s most popular sandbox game is teaming up with British fashion brand Burberry to provide players with a new free DLC to “embrace the spirit of exploration.”


The DLC, labeled “Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond,” has quite an interesting story. Players are dropped into an alternate-reality version of London, which is being invaded by a shadowy being known as the Nexus. The city has been defiled and has lost much of its color, vibrancy, and life.

Players will have to restore their world by traveling to the realms of the four elements and reviving their guardians while freeing the trapped creatures in each realm.

Steps to download, access, and play Minecraft’s Burberry DLC, Freedom to Go Beyond

Burberry's logo recreated in the latest collab DLC (Image via Mojang/Burberry)
Burberry’s logo recreated in the latest collab DLC (Image via Mojang/Burberry)

To access the free DLC for Minecraft’s Burberry crossover, players need to download it from the Minecraft Marketplace. This can be done by signing in to Bedrock Edition and finding the DLC among the marketplace’s other content.

Since the DLC is free, players won’t need to sweat paying any Minecoins for it. They can simply download it and enjoy.

Listed below are the steps that readers can follow to download and play Freedom to Go Beyond:

  1. Open Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and click on the marketplace button on the main menu.
  2. When the marketplace has loaded, the quickest method to finding the DLC (if it isn’t on the front page) is to use the search function. Searching “Burberry” after clicking the spyglass icon in the top-right corner of the page should be enough to pull up the DLC’s page.
  3. To the right of the DLC’s page, click the button that reads, “Free.” Normally, this button would show the download price, but there’s no need to worry about that at the moment.
  4. Once the download is finished, you can press the “Create This World” button to directly begin creating the world to your tastes. Here, you can decide whether to play the world with specific settings in place.
  5. When all your parameters are to your liking, simply press the “Create” button and enjoy the DLC.

The Minecraft DLC provides an entertaining experience that can be completed in a few hours if players thoroughly explore the various realms found in-game.

More about Burberry collaboration


In addition to the playable DLC, Burberry has also released a clothing line to commemorate its partnership with Mojang. It is by no means free, but some players may be curious about the full scope of the cooperation between the two companies.

Additionally, Minecraft players can head to and input their information to receive exclusive in-game items to customize their avatars.

Many customization items and clothing pieces in the game’s marketplace require Minecoins to be purchased. This collaboration presents an excellent opportunity for players to acquire some sharp threads for their character completely free of charge.


As long as players have a stable internet connection, they can download the DLC in fairly short order and dive right into the adventure.

While they’re in the marketplace, it might also not be a bad idea to check out worlds created through Mojang Studios’ other collaborations.

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