How to get level 255 enchantments in Minecraft Java Edition

By default, Minecraft only allows players to enchant their items to a certain level, based on the enchantment itself. However, by utilizing the cheat console, fans can create items with enchantment levels far beyond their standard limits.


As per recent Minecraft updates, enchantments have been given a hard cap of level 255 when created with commands. While this is the case for Minecraft: Java Edition, a level 255 enchantment is certainly better than something with a level five enchantment.

A Sharpness 255 sword can one-hit nearly any enemy in the game, and utilizing an enchantment like Fortune at level 255 will give you massive amounts of resources when harvesting blocks. With just a few keystrokes, players can get an overpowered item or two of their very own.

Using commands to get a Level 255 enchanted item in Minecraft Java 1.19

Many enchantments can be given to players at level 255, such as Looting (Image via Mojang)
Many enchantments can be given to players at level 255, such as Looting (Image via Mojang)

To receive an enchanted Minecraft item at level 255, players will need to ensure that cheats are enabled first. This is typically done during world creation, but can be activated later on. Java Edition players can simply access the pause menu and open their world to LAN to enable cheats.

Using the Level 255 enchanted weapon command in Minecraft: Java Edition

  1. Open your chat window.
  2. Enter the command to obtain the enchanted item. The standard format for a level 255 item is /give @p <item>{Enchantments:[{id:<enchantment>,lvl:255}]} where <item> is the desired item to be enchanted and <enchantment> is the ID of the enchantment you wish to place on it. For example, for a sword with 255 sharpness, you should type out /give @p minecraft:diamond_sword{Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:255}]} before pressing the Enter key.
  3. The item should be placed in your hotbar or in your inventory if you have no space available in your hotbar.

If you can think of a gear piece and enchantment combo to use, this command will ensure that it’s possible within Minecraft. Any enchantment set at level 255 will provide exceptionally high returns, so try applying it to many different enchantments for a collection of truly overpowered gear. It’s also possible to give these items to others with commands by changing “@p” to another target such as “@a” for all players or “@r” for a random player.

It’s also possible to use a specific player’s name in lieu of a target designator in the command syntax as well. For example, you can input the same command, but use the targeting syntax “/give exampleplayer” to give the enchanted item to a specific player in a multiplayer situation.


Since this particular command can be used in a command block, you can even create dispensers that offer other players level 255 enchanted gear when they interact with the command block. For large-scale projects such as terraforming or mining huge amounts of resources within a server, a level 255 Efficiency pickaxe or shovel will be of great help.

Ultimately, what players choose to do with their vastly powerful gear is up to them. With the right combination of powerful enchantments, you can become the undisputed master of your world.

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