How to get Hero of the Village achievement in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft is a game where players have various activities to engage in. On top of the actual objective of the game, where players must slay the mighty Ender Dragon, players can simply build anything they wish to.

In addition to having freedom, players can also complete various objectives in the form of achievements. These achievements can be anything from simply crafting tools, to having every single status effect applied to them at once.

While not all of these achievements are as intense as ‘How Did We Get Here?’ they each have certain requirements that must be met in order to unlock them. Here is everything players need to know about the Hero of the Village achievement in Minecraft.

How players can unlock Hero of the Village achievement in Minecraft


Achievements allow players to feel a sense of accomplishment when playing the game. Also, upon gathering these achievements, earn bragging rights.

The more achievements a player gets, the more they can check off the list. However, some achievements are hidden, and players can have a tough time until they are unlocked. The Hero of the Village achievement is one of these hidden achievements.

So what does a player need to do to unlock this achievement?

Unlocking the Hero of the Village achievement in Minecraft


The Hero of the Village achievement is unlocked when a player successfully defends a village from a raid in Minecraft. However, the specific criteria required is that they must defeat at least one mob during the raid, and then wait until the village has been completely cleared of the raid.

Once they have met these requirements, the achievement will be rewarded to the player.

What causes a raid to happen in Minecraft?

A raid is triggered when players enter a village with the Bad Omen effect applied to them. When a raid happens, the village will be attacked by many enemies.

These enemies generally comprise of various Illager mobs, which include Pillagers, Vindicators, Ravagers, Witches, Evokers and Ravagers being ridden by Illigers.

With so many mobs coming at the player and the village, they will need to be prepared to fight back. This means they should have access to a good set of armor and weapons. It is also recommended that players have enough food to stay healed during the encounter.

How to get the Bad Omen effect in Minecraft


The Bad Omen effect is caused by either the player, or a tamed wolf attacking an Illiger Captain. When a player or wolf kills the Captain, they will receive a stack of Bad Omen which can stack up to 5 times. The more stacks the Bad Omen has, the more intense the raid will be.

This means that if a player has maximum stacks of Bad Omen, the raid will have more waves of Illigers. The effect can be cleansed just like any other status effect, by drinking milk or death.

Claiming the achievement


Once the player has the Bad Omen effect, it’s time to find a village. Once there, it should trigger a raid on the village. Simply help the villagers defend it, and the Hero of the Village achievement will be earned.

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