How to get Extra Golems mod for Minecraft

Minecraft’s current vanilla set of golems leaves a lot to be desired, as only iron golems and snow golems are creatable. Education Edition also possesses the Agent, but it is somewhat a programmable golem, at least in appearance and behavior.

With the Extra Golems mod by skyjay1, players can find and create various different golem types to utilize in villages or elsewhere.


The mod adds over 40 different golems to the game. It allows players to use a spell to summon golems instead of building one in the confines of a village.

Players can even combine a book with a pumpkin to create a guidebook that details all of the potential golems one can make.

Steps to download and install Extra Golems mod for Minecraft

The golem guidebook in the Extra Golems mod (Image via skyjay1/CurseForge)
The golem guidebook in the Extra Golems mod (Image via skyjay1/CurseForge)

While there are many ways to install Minecraft mods in this day and age, one of the simplest methods involves the use of CurseForge.

This multi-game, multi-platform application serves as a mod manager that can download and install mods both within the application itself as well as from a file or web browser.

After installing the application along with Overwolf, downloading the Extra Golems mod should be incredibly easy.

Here are the steps you can follow to download and install the Extra Golems mod using CurseForge:

  1. After installing CurseForge from its main site, head to and enter “Extra Golems” into the search bar. The application may also be able to download the mod directly by selecting Minecraft from the list of installed games and searching for it there. For the sake of clarity, we’ll follow the route.
  2. On the Extra Golems mod page on CurseForge’s site, there should be an orange “install” button. By clicking on this button, CurseForge will open and begin installing the mod. You may need to create a profile for it if you haven’t done so already, but this should only take a few moments.
  3. The installation will begin. With a solid internet connection, the mod should only take a few moments to complete.
  4. You can then launch Minecraft directly with CurseForge or configure the mod to your liking before beginning. Once everything is set to your satisfaction, run the game. It should work off your created profile and load the mods you have installed as long as they have no file conflicts.


While there are many other mod loaders available to players based on their preferences, CurseForge makes the process of downloading and installing mods incredibly painless. It even possesses multi-game compatibility, meaning players can install mods for Minecraft while also collecting and implementing them for many other popular games.

For a slimmed-down and lighter experience, Fabric is an excellent mod loader, and plenty of popular mods are compatible with it.

Forge is also considered a staple in the modding community, so it’s certainly worth checking out. Picking the right mod loader comes down to preference, and players may want to give each of the major applications a try to see which one suits them best.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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