How to get capes in Minecraft Java Edition easily (2021)

Capes are one way to make any Minecraft skin look awesome.

They blow in the wind behind players as they navigate the Minecraft world, imbuing them with extra flair. They do not change the game in any way as the only use of a cape is for skin decoration.

Capes tend to be a rare add-on, though, and could be considered ways to identify elite Minecraft players.

Many Minecraft players were lucky enough to receive a cape when attending Minecon back in 2017 and before. Unfortunately, this was the only way to nab an official Minecraft cape for free. However, there are other less official methods that players can utilize if they are in search of this fun skin add-on.

Here are a variety of options for Minecraft players to obtain capes easily.

How to get capes in Minecraft

Microsoft migration

Images via Mojang and Microsoft
Images via Mojang and Microsoft

It was announced last year that the Mojang accounts of Minecraft Java Edition players will be migrated over to Microsoft accounts. This transition has already begun, and although it may be slightly inconvenient, Java Edition players who make the migration will be awarded their very own capes.

These capes are said to be slowly rolled out into player’s accounts starting mid-July, so hopefully the perk starts to show up soon. After the initial roll out, any Java Edition player who makes the transition to Microsoft after that should automatically receive the cape.


Image via Minecraft Forum
Image via Minecraft Forum

Thankfully, there are plenty of online mods available that allow players to add capes to their look. They will simply need to pick which mod offers their most ideal cape style and then install it into Minecraft.

However, it should be noted that only players with the same particular mod pack installed will be able to see the cape in action.

This could be useful for those playing on SMPs with friends if everyone is able to download the same mod. Or, the addition of a cape via mod packs can simply be for a player’s own benefit and enjoyment.


Image via
Image via

Unfortunately, for Minecraft Java Edition, there are no skins that will automatically incorporate a cape. However, in Bedrock Edition, there are some skin packs that come with capes included.

Usually though, these skin packs do cost money, but players who are desperate for that glamorous cape look may want to spend their pretty pennies.

For a more in-depth tutorial, check out this helpful YouTube video:


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