How to get and use Quartz in Minecraft

Nether Quartz is one of the many different minerals that are accessible to players in Minecraft. It can be created into a Quartz Block, which can be used in building and decoration. Moreover, the mineral is required to get numerous other items, such as the Redstone Comparator, Observer, and Daylight Detector.

The majority of novice players, however, won’t be aware of how to obtain Quartz and use it in the sandbox game. They need not be worried because getting it is not difficult and doesn’t require much effort. The section below contains information on where to find and how to use the mineral in Minecraft.

How to obtain and use Quartz in Minecraft

Getting the mineral


There are various ways you can acquire Quartz in Minecraft. Here are some of them:

Mining: You may mine Nether Quartz Ore using a pickaxe to obtain one piece of the mineral you’re looking for. This is the primary and easiest method you can use to get the item within the game. That said, you will benefit more if the pickaxe is enchanted with Fortune, as it will increase the number of Quartz you can receive.

Chest loot from Bastion remnants: The mineral is one of the items you can get through chests in the Bastion remnants. Although this isn’t the simplest or most efficient method, it is still another way you can get Quartz.

Bartering with Piglins: Piglins are mobs found in the Nether; users can barter with them to get Nether Quartz. Essentially, you will have to end up giving away gold ingots to get the item. As a result, it is necessary to possess a good amount of gold ingots if you wish to go ahead with this method.

Smelting: If you have a Nether Quartz Ore in your possession, it can be smelted to receive the Quartz. You can use any fuel, such as coal or wood, to complete the process.

If you choose the mining method, keep in mind that exploring the Nether may be the best way to go, although strip mining could be a better alternative if you wish to get Quartz on a continuous basis. You can also try layer-mining to get the mineral, but it is a time-consuming process that could prove to be less profitable than the other two. You can read about the three fastest methods for getting Quartz by visiting here.

Using Quartz in Minecraft


As mentioned earlier, Quartz can be used to obtain several items in Minecraft. Listed here are its different applications:

  • To get Block of Quartz: 4x Nether Quartz
  • To get Daylight Detector: 3x Glass + 3x Nether Quartz + 3x Wood Slab (any of the woods can be utilized)
  • To get Diorite: 2x Cobblestone + 2x Nether Quartz
  • To get Granite: 1x Diorite + 1x Nether Quartz
  • To get Observer: 6x Cobblestone + 2x Redstone Dust + 1x Nether Quartz
  • To get Redstone Comparator: 3x Redstone Torch + 3x Stone + 1x Nether Quartz

The mineral may be utilized further in a trading process to get an Emerald. Gamers can interact with expert-level stone mason villagers to trade 12x Nether Quartz for the item. Also, if you are interested in obtaining a Block of Quartz, you can find villagers that trade it.

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