How to get and use Nature’s Compass mod for Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft is a game where players can explore near-infinite worlds and build anything they desire. While having so much freedom to explore and create is amazing, it can come with a small issue. Sometimes, it can be difficult to locate the exact type of biome a player is looking for.

Biomes in are all very different and give players the opportunity to get various materials and blocks to work with.

One of the best ways to find a specific biome in Minecraft is by using a mod like Nature’s Compass. This mod can make it much easier for players to find a biome anywhere in the in-game world. But how does this mod work in Java Edition?

Using Nature’s Compass mod in Minecraft Java Edition


The first thing you will need to do is to make sure you know how to install Minecraft mods in your system. Thankfully, this process is fairly easy to do and only takes a few steps to get up and running.

First, players will need to head to a reputable site, such as Curseforge, and download the mod directly into their system.

Once they have downloaded Nature’s Compass mod from a reputable website, they can follow these steps:

  • First, ensure that Minecraft Launcher and the game are both closed.
  • Next, open the start menu and type in %appdata% and locate the Minecraft folder.
  • Inside of the Minecraft folder, find the folder called Mods
  • Drag the desired mod to the Mods folder and allow it to copy over.
  • Launch the game, if done correctly, the mods should now work.

What does the Nature’s Compass Mod do for players in Minecraft Java Edition?


Once the player installs Nature’s Compass mod, it will create a special compass for them to use in-game. Initially, the compass functions just like any other, and will point towards the world spawn. However, upon right-clicking with the compass in the player’s hand, it will be up to Nature’s Compass GUI.

What this means is that once players are in the GUI, they will be able to search for any biome in the game. This includes not only vanilla biomes, but ones that have been added with mods as well.

In addition to finding these biomes, players can also get additional information about them, such as the type of blocks available and whether it rains there. This can be useful for deciding where to build a base of operations.

Using the Nature’s Compass tool

Once the player has decided on which biome to find, they will be able to see on the compass which way to go to get to the biome. Simply follow the compass until you reach the desired biome.

It should be noted that the mod will take the player’s current height on the Y access into consideration when looking for a biome. This means players may have some trouble finding biomes inside caves or underground if they are on the surface. If this is the case, players can simply dig down a bit into the ground and try searching for the biome again.

Nature’s Compass is a valuable tool


Mods such as Nature’s Compass can really help players navigate their world easily. For those looking to make exploration as seamless as possible, they should consider adding Nature’s Compass to their mod toolbox and finding the biome of their dreams.

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