How to get and use charged creepers in Minecraft

There are so many different mobs that players can encounter during their adventures in Minecraft. From cute and loveable axolotls, to sneaky foxes, there are many that can bring fun and amusement to the game.

Additionally, there are also mobs that bring nothing but pain and sadness. One of these, of course, is the Creeper. It is a well-known explosive mob that can be used to troll players and is known for blowing up houses.

But there is an even more terrifying and explosive version of the Creeper known as the Charged Creeper. So how do you get one of these and use them in Minecraft? Read on to find out.

What exactly is a charged creeper in Minecraft?


As perhaps the most well-known mob in Minecraft, everyone knows the telltale sound of a creeper that is bound to explode. That hiss can strike fear into the hearts of anyone, notifying them of the impending explosion.

The charged creeper is a variant of the mob that has been struck by lightning. Rather than simply exploding, with the lightning coursing through its body, the creeper becomes much more powerful.

With a larger explosion radius and more powerful and devastating results, having a charged creeper nearby can spell certain death for the player. But with lightning strikes being randomized, what is the easiest way to get one of them in the game?

Harnessing the power of lightning bolts to get a charged creeper


One of the best things about Minecraft is that it gives players the power to do pretty much whatever they want in the game. This means they can control the power of lightning and cause it to strike where they want.

This can be done with console commands, by opening up the chat menu in-game and typing the following into it:

/summon lightning_bolt

This command will allow lightning to strike where the player is looking.

Using the lightning bolt command to make charged creepers


Now that you know how to summon lightning bolts, it’s time to get a charged creeper. First, you will need to locate a creeper out in the wilderness, or you can simply use a spawn egg in Creative Mode to instantly summon one.

To be safe, you will want to trap the creeper. This is best done by digging a small hole and letting the creeper sit inside it so that it can’t move, and will be much easier to strike with lightning.

Once the creeper is inside the hole, use the command /summon lightning_bolt while looking at the creeper. If done correctly, lightning will strike the creeper and cause it to turn into a charged creeper.

What are charged creepers used for in Minecraft?

While charged creepers may not have a lot of practical uses in the game, there is one thing they are really good at – exploding. If a player or mob is within 16 blocks of them, they can be hit by an explosion and die. This means that when you see a charged creeper, you should try to get away from it as soon as possible.

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