How to find strongholds in Minecraft Bedrock

Strongholds are one of the most important structures in Minecraft. Without them, it would be impossible to reach the End.

The End is where the Ender Dragon can be found and defeated. It is also where shulkers, chorus fruit, elytra, and other valuable items spawn. The realm is a very important destination, and a stronghold is the only way to get there.

Despite its importance, a stronghold is one of the most difficult structures to locate in the game.

How to find a stronghold via commands in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The simplest way to find a stronghold in Minecraft is to use commands. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit World Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Cheats.
  3. Enable cheats.
  4. Return to the world.
  5. Enter the chat bar.
  6. Type “/locate stronghold” and send the message.
  7. The coordinates will show up. If it’s too far, you can enter “/teleport @player <x> <y> <z>”. Bedrock Edition will show you exactly how to format the syntax.
  8. The coordinates given from the /locate command will not include a y coordinate, so make sure you enter one that’s well above ground so that you don’t suffocate.
  9. Send the message to the chat, and you will be teleported to the stronghold’s location.
  10. Dig down to it.

However, cheats are frowned upon in Minecraft. They also disable achievements. Fortunately, there are other ways to find a stronghold in the game.

How to find a stronghold via Eyes of Ender in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The best way to find a stronghold without using any cheats (or making a copy of the world and finding the coordinates) is to collect Eyes of Ender. These items are required to power the End portal, but they’re also helpful in finding one.

To obtain Eyes of Ender, you should first collect Ender pearls by killing Endermen. These mobs spawn at night as well as in the Warped Forest biome in the Nether.

This is where to find Endermen (Image via Mojang)
This is where to find Endermen (Image via Mojang)

Once you have Ender pearls, you’ll need plenty of blaze powder. You can collect this item by killing blazes, which are found at spawners in the Nether, and crafting the rods into powder.

Combine the powder and pearls to get Eyes of Ender. Throw them into the air, and they will float in the direction of the portal. While they usually drop to the ground, they can sometimes break, so be sure to keep plenty in inventory. They will go straight up when the stronghold is below (this will usually be in a village).

The last fact is important to remember because it can be a great way to find a stronghold randomly.


Strongholds are often found beneath Minecraft villages. You can sometimes find one of these structures by digging beneath a village.

It is recommended that you dig around the well that is in the center of the village. If you dig down pretty low, you’ll likely find a stronghold. If not, you can always try other villages.

This method requires a lot of luck because only a couple of strongholds can spawn in a given Minecraft world.

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