How to find old Minecraft usernames

Over the course of Minecraft’s history, players have received multiple opportunities to change their usernames. However, proceedings became a little complicated when Microsoft purchased Mojang and began the account integration process.


During this process, previous usernames were thought to be lost and recent changes seemed to confirm that. However, even though account integration is still ongoing, there are methods to search for old in-game usernames.

Many options exist, but one of the easiest is using a web browser on either desktop or mobile. The browser method involves a popular skin site known as NameMC, which keeps a well-documented record of account usernames.

With a few keystrokes, players can look up the old usernames of their accounts or those of others.

Looking up old Minecraft usernames via NameMC

NameMC can help Minecraft players look up old usernames (Image via NameMC)
NameMC can help Minecraft players look up old usernames (Image via NameMC)

In a few short moments, Minecraft players can find all the information on old usernames by simply checking out NameMC’s main site. The site features a text entry field that allows you to look up specific account names and search for skins or servers if you’d like.

Regardless, taking the time to search for a username should yield results. Given Mojang’s recent purging of old usernames, it has become one of the more dependable options for searching.

Search for Old Minecraft Usernames in NameMC

  1. Head to and find the text entry field at the top of the screen. It should be denoted by the title “Name / UUID / Server / Skin”. Alternatively, you can also select the “names” link at the top of the page to browse and filter through recently-added names.
  2. In the text field, enter the username of the desired player. This can be any player you’d like, regardless of whether it’s your own in-game name or that of a friend or player you met on a Minecraft server. Either way, the username should be found via the site’s search function as long as the account was created, even if it hasn’t been actively used in some time.
  3. After entering the username and pressing enter, a list of search results will be displayed. Navigate to the section labeled “Profiles,” which will show you the current and existing usernames of the account in question.


Since Mojang will be removing previous Minecraft account usernames from over 40,000,000 accounts, fans will be forced to look elsewhere to search for old usernames.

NameMC is a quick and easy way to do so, but it isn’t the only method available. Sites such as also perform the very same functions. Additionally, after Mojang phases out the previous usernames, there is no doubt additional sources online will crop up.

Mojang hasn’t confirmed any intention to provide a new way to look up previous names, so the community simply has to step in. Hopefully, these username search sites will continue to thrive and maintain their accuracy as Microsoft and Mojang make adjustments to how they handle accounts.

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