How to Find Coal in Minecraft

You can find coal in Minecraft by mining coal ore. However, this incredibly important resource can be hard to come by, depending on where you spawn. Getting coal is one of the players’ first objectives since it’s used to craft torches. As such, you need as large of a supply as possible.

How to get coal in Minecraft

Finding coal in Minecraft isn’t too difficult. Coal ore is a very common block, and it typically spawns in veins that make it easy to gather a lot at once. Here’s how to mine it at the start of a new world:

  • First, gather wood until you have enough to make a workbench.
  • Craft two sticks.
  • Craft a Wood Pickaxe with two sticks and three planks.
  • Look for coal in nearby cliffs and near water.
  • Use a pickaxe on coal ore to harvest coal.

Once you have some coal, you can make charcoal. To do so, build a furnace and use coal to burn logs. Each piece of coal will burn enough wood to make eight pieces of charcoal. So, if you’re just worried about producing torches, you’re getting a 700% return!

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