How to find and use striders in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that is full of vibrant worlds with many different sights to see and creatures to discover. The game is separated into three dimensions: the Overworld, the Nether, and The End. Each one of these dimensions has some very interesting species that live within them.

One of the most interesting mobs in the Nether is the lava-walking striders. These are tall, neutral mobs that walk on two legs. They are the only mob that can actually walk on lava without taking damage.

This article will explore how you can find these strange mobs and what purpose they serve in Minecraft.

How players can find and use striders in Minecraft


The first step to encountering a strider in the game is to head to the Nether. Getting there at the beginning of the game is not the easiest task, but you can do so by following a few steps.

You can find a ruined portal and complete it, or you can make a portal out of obsidian blocks. The smallest you can make this portal is 4×5 blocks of obsidian. Once you have crafted this portal, you will be able to use a flint and steel to light it.

If done correctly, you will now see a purple portal in front of you. Stock up before stepping through, and be prepared for an adventure into a fiery world. Once there, it’s time to find some striders.

Where to find striders in the Nether


You are bound to see tons of fire and lava inside the Nether. As you near the lava pools, you will probably see some Striders walking around. One interesting thing about striders is that they prefer to be walking in the lava. If they are seen walking on land, they will soon turn blue and start shivering, in addition to walking slower.

As a passive mob, striders will attempt to spawn every 400 ticks in the game. If a strider spawns under the lava, it will rise to the top.

How to use Striders in Minecraft

An interesting fact about striders in Minecraft is that they can be ridden by players. This means that a player can put a saddle on them and use a warped fungus on a stick to control them.

This method of control is similar to how players ride pigs using a carrot on a stick. The good part about riding a strider is that you can use the strider to travel over lava without taking any damage. This is probably the best way to traverse the extremely dangerous lava pits in the Nether.

Breeding and maintaining striders in Minecraft


A strider’s favorite food is warped fungus. If you want to breed striders, you will need to feed a warped fungus to two adult striders. Once they have consumed it, a heart will appear over their heads, and a baby strider will spawn.

Striders can breed every five minutes, and they take 20 minutes to reach adulthood. You can speed up the time taken by them to mature into adults by 10% with every warped fungus you feed a baby strider.

Lastly, if you want to control your striders without riding them, you can put them on leads and help bring them where you need them to be.

Striders are a fun mob and a great way to get around in Minecraft

Although striders will not win any battles in terms of fighting enemies, they are a great way to get around in the Nether. They prefer lava and will not be too happy walking on land. You can keep some around in your base of operations in the Nether to get where you need to go safely and easily.

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